Find a Stunning Influencers for Your Marketing Strategy. Here's How

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Find the Best Social Media Influencer for Your Marketing Campaign. Here’s How!

Influencer Marketing | Feb 21, 2019

Over the last few years, influencer marketing campaigns have become more popular, more trusted by consumers, and more profitable for businesses. A recent study showed that 78.2% of marketing professionals in Europe and the USA claimed to have worked on influencer marketing campaigns in 2017 up from 65% how have claimed the same in 2016.

With their massive ability to engage a highly relevant audience and to create trustworthy content, influencers play a very requisite role in any brand’s marketing strategy. Not just B2C brands can rely on influencers, but also B2B brands can get huge benefits from such a technique in their marketing strategy.

Nearly 30% of marketing professionals in the USA and Europe and 42% in India said that identifying the best influencer to deal with was their main challenge.

Challenges When Implementing Influencer Marketing Programs 2018

Challenges When Implementing Influencer Marketing Programs in 2017


Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Key Five Elements to Look for when you Plan for your Influencer Marketing:

In spite of its apparent advantages, influencer marketing can be a wasted investment if you are not working with the right ones. And despite it’s important to use single-metric methods like unique visitors or number of followers as a measure of influence, it’s critical to look deeper.

1. Relevance

It is key when it comes to deciding the fate of your influencer campaigns. Just because an influencer posts beauty tips and tricks don’t necessarily mean they are a match for your cosmetic brand. You need to understand that not every beauty influencer has the same kind of target audience. Some may target millennials as their audiences. Others may target middle-aged women or moms.

So, it’s necessary to look at how aligned an influencer’s content is with your brand or messages. You need to read through that influencer’s archived posts to get a sense for what kind of consumer they are.

2. Engagement

Engagement is a vital indicator of how interactive an influencer’s audience is with his content. Ask yourself, do those followers interact, comment, and share the influencer’s content? What proportion of readers is returning vs. new?

3. Authenticity

This may sound counter-intuitive, but influencers who have less number of sponsored content appear more authentic and tend to be more trusted. Also, personal stories that implicate genuine use or mention of a product, service, or brand are more trusted than direct product reviews.

For example, a health brand could engage influencers to create a video or write a post about things on their bucket list and how that list can help them stay healthy and live a long, active life; instead of ask influencers to write a superior long review of your brand or product, which readers don’t really pay much attention to.

4. Frequency

It’s very clear when marketing any website, it often takes many exposures to get a visitor to click and check out your website, and you want to make certain they come back. So, there is a direct correlation between how often influencers post and their traffic and rate of return visitors.

When an influencer is consistently posting high-quality content on a regular basis, followers are more likely to return, bookmark, and share his/her content.

5. Reaching

There are 3 main channels that you should use in your influencer marketing social media campaigns: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Reach is the total number of followers an influencer has on social media or its blog. Reach is very common when you try to market any website. It often takes many exposures to get a visitor to click and check out your website, and you want to make certain they come back.
When an influencer is consistently posting high-quality content on a regular basis, followers are more likely to return, bookmark, and share his/her content.


Handpicked Practical Steps to Find the Ideal Influencer for your Social Media Campaigns:


Step 1 – Use Google to Find Relevant Websites:

Follow this search way: (your industry) + “blog” [or “site”]. Then, use advanced search operators to narrow or expand your results, as needed.

Consider adding the top resources to your list; but put in your mind that it may be tough to get the attention of the experts running those websites, as they are likely to get a lot more inquiries than websites that are a bit further down the list.


Step 2 – Identify the Qualify Sites:

To determine if a potential influencer is worth adding to your outreach list, look for evidence of qualifying criteria on the sites that popped up on your SERPs, such as domain authority, social reach, and sharing habits.

Don’t forget to follow your instincts. If you visited the influencer’s website and it just doesn’t look or feel like it would be a good fit for your brand, it’s best to leave them off the list.


Step 3 – Find the Correct Contact Details:

Ideally, you will want your request for participation to go through the appropriate channels, but sending an email to an unknown “Info@” address or blindly submitting a contact form may not be enough to get your message in front of the influencer him or herself. Instead, try reaching out to your own network to see if you have any mutual acquaintances, or search the influencer’s social profiles to see if you can turn up a direct email address.


Final Thoughts

There’s a ton of resources out there to help you outline a stunning influencer strategy to hire the ideal influencer. Bear in mind that partnering with an influencer brings you a range of benefits to your brand. Whatever your end goal is, remember that influencer marketing can get expensive, choose influencers carefully because the more mistakes you make, the more money you’re just throwing away.

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