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CXL Live 2019 Conference | Austin, USA

CXL Live 2019 Conference in Austin is becoming one of the most popular events that are held across the USA and which are focusing on the growth marketing industry, in addition to all digital marketing fields, including social media marketing, brand marketing, engagement marketing, and marketing strategies.

CXL Live 2019 Conference is also considered to be a great place, where you can Connect with the very best in conversion optimization and experimentation, in a chill atmosphere, in addition to getting a new way of looking at your business challenges, and ideas on how to tackle them.

CXL Live 2019 Conference is a 3-Day Optimization & Experimentation Event, which will introduce a great package of the best industry’s leaders, speakers, experts, and peers in all fields of the Digital marketing, in addition, a set of effective and valuable sessions, workshops, case studies, researches, talks, and presentations.

CXL Live 2019 Conference will take place from 27-29 of March 2019 at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort, Austin, TX, USA.

The Conference’s Main Topics:

  • How to use the voice of the customer to write high-converting copy.
  • how to really improve the customer experience.
  • How To Deliver Fully Personalized Experiences At Scale.
  • Validation in every organization.
  • How the Misapplication of Psychology is Damaging Your Conversion Rates.
  • Consumer psychology, dopamine, and conversion design.
  • Lifting the Curtain on CRO “Magic”.
  • The down-funnel data you should be tracking.
  • How to value and learn from a losing experiment.
  • Tough Lessons Learned When Building an Optimization Program.
  • Chasing statistical ghosts in experimentation.
  • 10 Guidelines for A/B Testing.
  • How to Present Test Results to Inspire Action.

Why Should Attend?!

  • Must-attend conference for people responsible for driving growth through optimization and experimentation.
  • Discussions delve deep into conversion optimization, online experimentation, digital psychology, and analytics.
  • All speakers are true practitioners, carefully selected and vouched for.
  • Learn from the people doing the absolute best work in their field.
  • Get a chance to know the speakers one-on-one during the course of the event as they’ll be there through the conference.
  • Your tickets include everything: 2 hotel nights, meals, extra fun day.



CXL Live 2019 Conference

Some of the Conference’s Sponsors


  • Event Ticket + Classic Single Room (2 nights) – $1899 USD
  • Event Ticket x2 + Shared Double Room (2 nights) – $3598 USD
  • Event Ticket (no hotel) – $1699 USD
  • Event Ticket x2 + Luxury Palm Villa (2 bedrooms, 2 nights) – $3998 USD

This Event Ended

Event Details

Time7:00 pm
Locationthe beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort, Austin, TX, USA.
Organization CXL
PriceStart from $1699 USD


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