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Traffic & Conversion Summit | 26-28 Feb SDG, CA, US

The Traffic & Conversion Summit “T&C2018” combines thousands of the top marketers who gather to discuss the new traffic channels, the new conversion breakthroughs, the new selling models, besides the ultra-current breakout sessions that cover topics such as Facebook video tests, Pinterest promoted pins, effective content marketing.

Attendees will get knowledge on every topic that matters to the growth of the business like paid traffic & demand generation, tools, tips and hacks, conversion & monetization, inbound selling, content marketing, analytics, data & CRO, search, social & community.

What You Should Learn From Traffic & Conversion Summit:

  • New Traffic Channels: With enhancements in video ads, lead ads and segmented retargeting models, traffic channels such as Facebook and Google are making it easier and cheaper to connect with our audiences.
  • New Conversion Breakthroughs: with Justin Rondeau _director of optimization _ will have dozens of “copy and paste” split-tests that you can test and roll out at your own company.
  • New Selling Models:  This year the event will reveal a massive update to the proven conversion funnel, and show how these seemingly simple tweaks are yielding higher sales, happier customers and ending the war between sales and marketing departments.
  • Ultra-current breakout sessions: on topics such as Facebook video tests, Live video, Pinterest Promoted Pins, automated email followup sequencing, simple content marketing, podcast launch strategies.
Traffic & Conversion Summit | 26-28 Feb SDG, CA, US 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Traffic & Conversion Summit will take place on 26-28 Feb SDG, CA, US

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