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Do you know that corporate strategists spend an average of 21.9 hours per week on planning, while business executives and their teams spend an average of 10.1 hours?

Functional leaders in companies of all types and sizes across all industries are gearing up for strategic planning. Paradoxically, many of them lack a coherent roadmap for creating their strategic plan. The problem is, the results planned often fail to meet expectations.

Gartner surveyed more than 400 marketing executives and their teams to provide you with insights shared by functional leaders as well as lessons learned and best-practices advice.

Download the Gartner’s guide to learn more about how to:

  • Build a successful strategic plan.
  • Save time by following 8 key steps and using marketing tools.
  • Communicate your plan smartly and effectively.
  • Learn from real-life case studies.

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A Sneak Peek at the State of Strategic Marketing Planning Insights:

  • Only 31% say their strategic plans prepare their organization to hit five-year revenue growth targets.
  • 56% of business executives aren’t happy said the time spent on strategic planning is wasted.
  • 93% of business partners view IT strategic planning as important, but only 23% believe it’s effective.
  • 66% of marketing leaders have updated their strategies, but just 13% have seen results.
  • 81% of finance functions have recently redesigned their structures, but only 30% of these projects delivered forecast benefits.
How to Build a Successful Strategic Plan for Marketing: A Figure Shows the Wasted Time on Strategic Planning

A Figure Shows the Average Wasted Time on Strategic Planning

Table of Content of the “How to Build a Successful Strategic Plan for Marketing” Guide:

  • The Challenge: Make Your Strategic Planning Count
  • Step 1: Set Ground Rules
  • Step 2: Verify the Business Imperative
  • Step 3: Assess Your Functional Capabilities
  • Step 4: Define Your Objectives
  • Step 5: Establish an Action Plan With Measures and Metrics
  • Step 6: Put Your Strategy on a Page
  • Step 7: Effectively Communicate Your Strategy
  • Step 8: Keep the Strategic Plan Alive

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