The Main Micrositres Challneges That Companies & Agencies Are Facing

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The Main Challenges That Agencies\Companies Are Facing With Microsites

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Microsites allow brands to move away from the confines of their everyday site, empowering creatives to experiment with new templates and designs. But despite the advantages of microsites, brands can face challenges around confusing customer experience, dilution of brand and search engine optimization issues.  A microsite is a small group of pages with a unique address and links, it usually acts as a subdivision of a larger online entity. No doubt that there are some microsites disadvantages.
In some cases, using a microsite to spin-off a product, brand or service can be confusing to site visitors who are already familiar with the parent organization, which can be a counterintuitive activity when the microsite was intended to be a brand-building exercise.

Take a glance at the main challenges that companies/agencies are facing with microsites:

  • The confusion for site visitors/poor customer experience is ranked as the main challenge of using microsites by surveyed companies with a rate of 37%, while 28% of surveyed agencies mentioned that they agree.
  • Dilution of the brand is ranked as the second top challenge that surveyed companies mentioned that they face when it comes to microsites with a rate of 32%, while 34% of surveyed agencies reported that they agree.
  • Lack of centralized control and governance comes at next also as a challenge surveyed companies and agencies indicated that they face with a rate of 25%.
  • SEO issues are also ranked as the main challenge of using microsites by surveyed companies with a rate of 25%, while surveyed agencies reported it also as a challenge that they face when it comes to a microsite with a rate of 37%.

A Graph Shows The Main Challenges of Creating Microsites (Companies VS Agencies).

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