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Customer intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing information about customers it has become a fundamental requirement for companies seeking to compete in the digital era. As the consumer’s data footprint continually expands, so does the opportunity for businesses to understand customer requirements at a collective and individual level, helping organizations to provide better customer experiences and to reap the benefits, such as improving marketing return on investment.

It can be defined also as the sum of the data points a company holds on its customers, but this equation only works if those data points can be linked and are integrated.

A 360-degree view of the customer is the ultimate aim of customer intelligence activities in recent years as consumer expectations have been raised and brand competition is increasing.

The Key Findings of “Customer Analytics, The 20 Company Attributes That Lead to Business Success” Report:

  • 15% of companies describe their analytics capabilities in the context of customer intelligence as digital analytics are an integral part of delivering personalized customer experiences.
  • 84% of surveyed leaders reported that digital analytics provide a strong foundation for their customer experience initiatives.
  • 66% of surveyed leaders indicated that their digital analytics technology enables them to carry out effective multichannel attribution.
  • 78% of surveyed leaders mentioned that they invest in the skills that they need to get the most from their digital technology investment.
  • 35% of surveyed agencies reported that they sometimes use analytics reports on aggregated data, compared to 33% of surveyed companies who agree.
  • 58% of surveyed leaders indicated that their digital analytics solution is an integral part of their marketing activities.
  • 60% of surveyed leaders mentioned that the type of technology they are using for digital analytics is a mixture of paid-for and freely available software (e.g., Google Analytics).
  • 63% of surveyed respondents who paid for a solution or using a mixture of paid and freely available software indicated that digital analytics provide a strong foundation for their customer experience initiatives.
  • 75% of surveyed agencies reported that improving marketing ROI as the main benefit of investing in customer intelligence capabilities.
Deploying artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience and effectiveness of marketing activities.

A Graph Shows The Deploying of Artificial Intelligence Benefits For Marketing Activities.

The Content of “Customer Analytics, The 20 Company Attributes That Lead to Business Success” Report:

  • Foreword by Adobe
  • Executive summary
  • Methodology
  • The 20 attributes that lead to business success
  • Introduction: Analytics maturity
  • Analytics maturity success factors
  • Type of analytics technology: free versus paid solutions
  • Understanding the benefits and opportunities
  • Use of different data sources and integration
  • The importance of the right culture and ownership
  • Investing in people and skills
  • Appendix (respondent profiles)

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This Customer Analytics report is based on a survey of 1,831 global business professionals (mainly marketers and analysts) who completed an online questionnaire in July 2018.

The survey was published through LinkedIn and dedicated emails sent out by London Research sister company Digital Doughnut and also by Adobe, the research sponsor.

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