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Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are enabling organizations to lay the necessary data foundations to improve the customer experience and put customers at the heart of their business strategy. By unifying data touchpoints from across the online and offline world, customer data platforms ensure that brands base their marketing activities and results on reliable, comprehensive and trustworthy facts, whilst also giving marketers full access to all the data they need to be leaders in customer experience.

Companies across industries are increasingly turning to the customer data platform (CDP). CDPs help companies to aggregate the customer data from disparate sources, providing businesses with a centralized system of record for information about all of their customers and prospects.
With a CDP, businesses bring data together and use it to create more meaningful and relevant customer interactions. This is simply not possible with CRM.

The Key Findings of “Customer Data Management, 2019” Report:

  • 56% of companies that have annual revenues of at least half a billion dollars having a CDP in place.
  • 25% of surveyed organizations that uses CDPs reported that engagement is their top priority.
  • 41% of surveyed organizations that use CDPs mentioned that they have a full view of their customers across digital and offline interactions with their brand.
  • 31% of surveyed organizations that uses CDPs indicated that they use attribution to improve their paid media performance (beyond first/last-click).
  • 51% of surveyed organizations that uses CDPs said that they have a business function that has cross-channel responsibility for their customers’ experience.
  • 85% of surveyed organizations reported that they implement their web store/e-commerce facility with their main website content hub.
  • 64% of surveyed B2B organizations mentioned that they analyze the customer purchase journey and then they optimize the performance.
  • 56% of surveyed B2C organizations indicated that they use customer-centric performance metrics (rather than sales, product or campaign focused).
Top priorities for their organization in terms of marketing focus 2019

A Graph Shows The Top priorities For Organizations in Terms of Marketing, 2019.

The Content of “Customer Data Management, 2019” Report:

  • Foreword by BlueVenn.
  • Executive summary.
  • CDPs come of age.
  • CDP maturity.
  • How CDPs are empowering marketers to deliver enhanced customer experiences (that drive business results).
  • Data capabilities – technology, people and processes.
  • B2C companies seizing customer data opportunity.
  • Appendix – respondent profiles.

Number of Pages:

  • 30 Pages.


  • Free.


This customer data management report is based on a global survey of 194 organizations with annual revenues of at least $50m. The survey, carried out in March 2019, was publicized through LinkedIn and dedicated emails sent out by London Research and its sister company, Digital Doughnut.

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