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Digital Marketing Insights in Egypt, 2014 | eMarketing Egypt

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With 22.4 million users, Egypt’s Facebook community in 2014 evolved to be the 14th largest worldwide,as eMarketing-Egypt company Reports Proved, in addition to being the largest in the Arab region.

The growth of Facebook users in Egypt (about 40% year on year), affirms the extreme importance of it as a must-to-use channel for any marketing effort, having more than 50% of Egypt’s internet users and also more than 25% of Egypt’s population.

The report represents a serious attempt and contribution to drawing a complete portrait of Egypt’s internet users, and it aims mainly to provide answers for three main questions:
1. How does Egypt rank globally and regionally, in terms of Facebook users?
2. Who are the Egyptian Facebook users; specifically in terms of demographics?
3. What are the attitudes and views of Facebook users in Egypt, and of most importance how do they interact with the key marketing tools (i.e. pages and Ads)? … for more information, please download the full report for FREE.



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