eGovernment Strategy 2012-2016 Report/


Bahrain eGovernment Strategy 2016 Report |


In this connected world, it is essential for citizens, businesses, and society to interact with the government seamlessly, through channels that are accessible & easy to reach to all. With this thought in mind, the Kingdom of Bahrain developed its first eGovernment (eGov) strategy, covering the period of 2007-2010, with the aim to bring the government closer to its people. The result was idealistically. The strategy translated into the establishment of 4 eGov channels and more than 200 eServices.
In 2030 New Economic Vision for the Bahrain was launched in October 2008, striving to ensure the future economic sustainability of the Kingdom. To contribute to the realization of this Economic Vision, as well as the fulfillment of the Government Action Plan, a new eGov strategy was commissioned.
The development of eGov strategy 2016 of the Kingdom of Bahrain followed a structured 6-step approach, driven by a new eGov vision, this document summarizes this strategy and outlines its objectives.



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