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How People Discover, Use & Stay Engaged With Apps, Nov 2016 | Think With Google & Ipsos

Mobile Apps | USA

Managing mobile devices across clouds and business operations become more critical to enterprise success than ever before.

A 15-minute online questionnaire was conducted on 999 smartphone users in the US, aged 16–64 to understand factors that inspire apps loyalty or abandonment.

  • Friends/family and browsing app stores are the top ways people find out new apps, but when it comes to installation, price & privacy play a key role in installing or not.
  • It worth to be mentioned that half of the smartphone users have never paid for an app.
  • On average, users have 35 apps installed on their smartphone.
  • More than half of people who have installed apps are using them regularly (31%v for daily use).
  • Apps are more commonly used for playing games (91%), tracking physical activity (87%), staying organized (84%), listening to music and navigation (80%), while mobile sites are used mostly for browsing and exploring.
  • Ease of use and navigate are the top reasons users love particular apps.
  • People stop using apps when they’re not useful or take up too much memory.

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