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State Of The Marketing & Advertising 2016 | AdRoll


This year “2016”, Marketers are thinking in mobile first, despite persistent challenges According to “Ad Roll ”. In 2015, the report shows that percentage of Marketers Retargeting on mobile increases from 54% to 82%. This huge increase makes an important signal of reaching people where they’re spending on mobile devices more and more time.

In many ways, marketers are overtaking the business realities. For example, 34% of businesses still doesn’t own a mobile app, and 27% still don’t get a mobile-optimized site. Some advertisers find that the user experience of mobile advertising continues to be an obstacle, and 41% of marketers say that their greatest stumbling barrier is mobile attribution.

This Report Also shows that 98% of Marketers surveyed plan for programmatic ad budgets to increase or stay the same in the coming year, and 87% of marketers provide a greater return
on investment than traditional media.

Yet there’s plenty of opportunities to make mobile work better, transforming it into exactly what marketers want.



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