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The State of Programmatic Advertising Report | London Research

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Programmatic is a term that describes a range of platforms, tools, and services that have made digital advertising more automated and data-driven. While advertisers and agencies have reaped the benefits of a more targeted and scientific approach to display advertising activities, programmatic campaigns are more likely to be direct response ads. With a focus on generating an action or behavior, there is understandably less space in those same ads for brand-building messaging. With a greater focus on branding messaging in programmatic campaigns advertisers might see stronger effectiveness results.

The Key Findings of “The State of Programmatic Advertising” Report:

  • Data/targeting is ranked as the most used type of technology as a part of programmatic advertising with a rate of 59%.
  • 18% of respondents reported that they strongly agree with the statement of “good understanding of the different layers in the programmatic value chain”.
  • 79% mentioned that they are concerned about the level of transparency in programmatic advertising, compared to only 6% who disagree.
  • 36% of advertisers reported that they have a medium or low level of trust in their digital media agency.
  • 69% of surveyed respondents indicated that they run their programmatic advertising through an agency.
  • 64% of surveyed advertisers said that brand safety is their highest priority.
  • 56% of surveyed advertisers indicated that they are working to eliminate ads fraud.

A Graph Shows The Most Used Type of Technology as a Part of The Programmatic Advertising.

The Content of “The State of Programmatic Advertising” Report:

  • TRUTH foreword.
  • Executive summary.
  • Programmatic advertising: waking up to reality.
  • The ‘black box’ problem and the need for greater transparency.
  • The trust gap widens as traditional agencies struggle to adapt.
  • Lack of standards and inconsistent measurement plague industry.
  • Appendix – profile of respondents.

Number of Pages:

  • 25 Pages.


  • Free.


This research is based on interviews with senior marketers at well-known brands, and a global survey of 102 senior executives with responsibility for ad buying at large companies with annual revenues of at least $50 million a year.

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