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The best of Google Search for your company.

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Google Enterprise Search is considered to be one of Google’s E-commerce and business products and services. Google Enterprise Search is an effective search tool that allows employees and customers to find what they need, fast. It’s easy to use and manage so you can put your data back to work.


  1. Google Enterprise Search offers a great opportunity for all enterprises to increase traffic by making their public facing website more relevant, helpful and easier to navigate.
  2. Enables them to enhance their website.
  3. Increase site engagement.
  4. It also provides highly relevant search results and helps visitors navigate them easily, with features like category filtering and document previews.
  5. Improve customer support; Assist customers to quickly solve issues by using the Google Search Appliance to make information discoverable with a search-driven self-service portal.


  1. Google Search Appliance
  2. Google Site Search

Features & Services:

  1. Powered by Google search technology.
  2. Integration with Google Analytics.
  3. Customizable user interface (XML API).
  4. Ingests non-public content.
  5. Dynamic/Faceted Navigation.
  6. Universally searches backend databases and business applications.
  7. Ingests secure content (integrates with security protocols – ACL authorization).


The Google Company does not provide the pricing listing of its products; if you need to try Google Enterprise Search, Visit here.

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