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Salesforce Einstein Analytics is one of the most effective tools and software that several marketers, data experts, professional advertisers, retailers, brands, and big businesses are relying on it in their work and strategies. Salesforce Einstein Analytics enables all of them to discover insights, predict outcomes, find recommendations, and act quickly on a complete, AI-powered analytics platform. It is also considered to be one of the smartest tools that help its customers go beyond business intelligence software with augmented analytics for every industry and business user.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is one of the intelligent products of Salesforce, a software company that powers a great suite of digital marketing and technology tools, which help create a future with greater opportunity and equality for all. In 1999, Salesforce pioneered cloud-based CRM software and has helped 150,000+ companies run their companies more effectively. But now, they’re creating an economy that will help millions of people find career satisfaction and enjoy better lives as well. It has worked and made partnerships and helped accelerate the growth of over 275 technology startups in more than 18 counties around the world, since 2009.


  1. Uncover actionable insights into your business and customer data, right from within Salesforce.
  2. Easily connect your applications.
  3. Act at the point of insight.
  4. Collaborate in context.
  5. Get the exact information your business needs with analytics for any function or industry.
  6. Build custom analytics on Einstein Analytics Platform.
  7. Collaborate from anywhere.
  8. Use one-click storytelling to generate presentations.
  9. Take action on intelligent insights surfaced with AI-powered analytics.
  10. Get AI-driven sales, service, and marketing insights.
  11. Automatically uncover relevant explanations and recommendations.
  12. Use intelligent analytics on the Salesforce Platform.
  13. See into the future with Einstein Prediction Builder.
  14. Deploy your analytics on the platform trusted by over 150,000 businesses of all sizes.
  15. Get out-of-the-box analytics.
  16. Secure your data.
  17. Give your partners the power to expand your business. With Einstein Analytics, you can embed personalized metrics into partner communities.

Features & Services:

  • CRM-connected Analytics
  • Complete View Of Data
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Predictive Insights
  • Enterprise-ready Analytics


  • Automated discovery and predictive insights – $ 75 USD/user/month
  • Advanced analytics platform with built-in intelligence – Request a Quote


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