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Digital Media Team Saves Ad Spend & Time With PPC Protect

Digital Media Team is a digital marketing agency with headquarters in Manchester, UK. Digital Media Team aims to help clients with all aspects of digital marketing including PPC, SEO, email marketing, and social media.


What's Digital Media Team's Problem?

The agency’s Head of PPC Lauren May Kelley told PPC Protect: “As you can imagine, the PPC industry is extremely competitive. So anything in addition to what we're doing currently is something that I want to implement for our clients and to add that extra benefit of them coming on board with DMT for their PPC services.”

Obviously, with the pay-per-click industry being super competitive, Digital Media Team was searching for new unique selling points they could offer their clients.


PPC Protect's Role in Helping Digital Media Team:

the team quickly realized how they could offer PPC Protect to clients and differentiate themselves from their competition.

After the initial two-week trial, Digital Media Team saw some improvements in the quality of their traffic and started to roll it out on client’s accounts.

“We love the fact that it runs in the background on its own, helps save our clients money, and ensures all our PPC marketing data is accurate. This means we can spend more time managing our client’s Google ads accounts and not having to worry about managing another tool.”
Lauren May Kelley - Head Of PPC


The Results:

  • Digital Media Team has seen a significant increase in the quality of their traffic.
  • Lauren told PPC Protect: “So far PPC Protect has identified 5.7% invalid and suspicious traffic which saves us around £1,500 per month. These are great stats to show our clients and when pitching for new accounts.”
  • She also added: “The fact that it is very user friendly, and you don't necessarily have to be an expert in PPC to pick it up and review the stats is a huge plus. This means even our account managers can use it when talking to clients and reviewing accounts.”

PPC Protect

PPC Protect's team includes marketers and technologists who are dedicated to providing advertisers with a true picture of what they're paying money for.PPC Protect's team combines the world's most robust database of invalid PPC click profiles with real-time cybersecurity monitoring to ensure only genuine users see your PPC ads. They classify each ad click to determine what traffic should be excluded from interacting with your ads and prevent that traffic from even seeing them.

Benefits of Using PPC Protect:

  • No two ad campaigns are alike. PPC Protect's systems automatically build a unique protection profile based on the metrics and behavior of your clicks.
  • Make automated PPC bidding and targeting strategies more effective by excluding false intent signals generated from invalid users.
  • Dark pattern UX is used by many websites, apps, and ad networks to generate unintended clicks from uninterested or unengaged users.

The Top Features of PPC Protect:

  • More Revenue. Same Budget.
  • You’re In Control. Choose Which Traffic You Would Exclude.
  • Unintended Clicks.
  • Eliminate Bad Traffic.

PPC Protect Pricing:

  • Pro
  • Elite
  • Agency
NOTE: for further information about the pricing, check their website.
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