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ModBiS, A Facebook Ad Case Study

ModBiS Fashion Ad


Now, it is clear that all marketers, advertisers, retailers, brands, and businesses are strongly depending on social media platforms in running their ads and campaigns. Which helps them reach different objectives, such as push online sales, increase brand loyalty, create brand awareness, raise brand engagement, or attract as many people as possible to the brand store. These effective social media platforms around the world include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest.

All of the world’s brands and businesses spend a lot of money to run sponsored ads across any popular social media platform, but most of them do not know the real effectiveness of these social media ads on their conversions or their online sales. Because they spend money and pay a lot of to each social media platform – such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or YouTube – without measuring the true value of each of social media platforms’ ads with conversion lift.

So, through this article, you will learn and discover how to effectively spend your money in creating sponsored ads on any social media platform. In addition to knowing the real effectiveness of the Facebook ads on your sales and your store conversions. This will be through showcasing the ModBiS’ case study in Measuring the true value of Facebook ads with its Conversion Lift.

On this front, it should be mentioned that the Polish online fashion store measured a 22X return on ad spend when it used a Facebook conversion lift study to assess the true impact of its Facebook campaigns on sales. Additionally, it should also be pointed out that ModBiS has a desire to push its online store conversions depending on the Facebook ads, but after discovering how Facebook ads effect on the brand sales and the store conversions.

Coming to the brand history, ModBiS was launched in 2009 by a family unit WHO saw a spot within the marketplace for a store mercantilism top quality, fashionable fashions for all girls, no matter age and size. What started as a facet hustle is currently a growing business that employs a team of seven and a stitching area of twenty. All of the store’s styles are created in the Republic of Poland.

ModBiS is also considered to be an online store with dresses. Their passion is unique and feminine clothes – that’s why they offer you extraordinary women’s clothing. They work only with producers who guarantee not only fashionable fashions but also the excellent quality of materials used and the best finish quality.

Among the fashions presented in their store, you will find a wide selection of fashionable dresses – from dresses for weddings, formal dresses, to cocktail dresses. Their online store also has a large collection of other clothes for women. In addition to fashionable dresses, they also offer women’s outfits for every occasion.

ModBiS, A Facebook Ad Case Study

ModBiS Fashion Ad

Key Results:

  • 22X return on ad spend
  • 29% Lift in sales
  • 27% higher website conversion rate

Marketing Agency that Creates the Campaign:

In Measuring the true value of Facebook ads with its Conversion Lift and creating new ad campaigns through the Facebook and Instagram platforms, ModBiS depended on SmartYou marketing agency, which is a long-term agency partner to ModBiS.


The SmartYou whole combines four extremely specialized IT organizations that each one share a standard goal: to with success drive the digital transformation of all sizes of businesses.

With quite thirty years of expertise and a robust network of suppliers and partners within the Swiss IT business, SmartYou is at the forefront of digital innovation. They tend to are the one supplier for all of your IT wants, giving a full vary of specialized digital solutions, from banking applications to software package development ways and bespoken digital promoting. As they said, their mission is to supply secure, reliable and integrated technology solutions that defend and meet the interests of our customers, especially.


In ModBiS case, the challenge was clear, which was to discover if its spending money in creating Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns affect on its sales and its online store conversions, so ModBiS partnered with SmartYou marketing agency to size up the effects of Facebook ads.
ModBiS is constantly working to boost conversions, but it also wanted to understand the effects of Facebook ads on its sales so that it could allocate budgets and plan future ad campaigns even more strategically.


  • SmartYou, a long-term agency partner to ModBiS, proposed using Facebook Conversion Lift to measure the true impact of Facebook ads and create a benchmark for planning future campaigns.
  • This measurement tool helps advertisers understand the effects of Facebook and Instagram ads on incremental sales and conversions across devices.
  • Over a 2-month period, SmartYou ran a dynamic ads campaign while simultaneously setting up a conversion lift study to track results. The company used 2 ad sets: one for people who had browsed the ModBiS website in the past 30 days but who did not add any products to the basket, and one for lookalike audiences of people based on ModBiS’ best customers.
  • The conversion lift study then compared the actions of people who saw the ads in automatically generated randomised test and control groups. Afterwards, conversion data was matched in a privacy-safe way to the test and control groups to provide an accurate lift measurement.



By using Facebook Conversion rates to assess its April–May 2018 campaign, ModBiS was able to measure the impact of its ads on sales and use this data to exactly arrange future campaigns. The study found that:

  • 22X return on ad pay
  • 29% additional sales throughout the Facebook campaign
  • 27% higher conversion rate with Facebook ads

As explained by Barbara Lalik, Owner of ModBiS:

"We knew that Facebook is an essential advertising channel for us, but we wanted to fully understand the actual influence of Facebook ads on our sales. The information we gained from the conversion lift tool has reconfirmed our conviction that Facebook is the place to be, when it comes to growing the ModBiS brand."

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