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Europcar Saves Ad Spend & Time With PPC Protect

Europcar Mobility Group is a French car rental company founded in 1949 in Paris. The head office of the holding company, Europcar Group S.A., is in the business park of Val Saint-Quentin at Voisins-le-Bretonneux, France.

Europcar Mobility Group is operating in 140 countries across Europe, North America, Western Asia & Africa. The company offers a range of vehicle rental and ride-sharing services.



At first, PPC Protect was approached by a sub-division of Publicis Media, Europcar’s digital agency partners, to begin an investigation into potential fraudulent ad spend for senior financial stakeholders within the company.

Moreover, Europcar was not sure if they were impacted by ad fraud or not and wanted an easy-to-use solution to firstly see if this was an area worth exploring further.

PPC Protect's initial investigations highlighted up to 15% fraudulent activity across SEM channels, warranting further investigation and monitoring.


How Did PPC Protect Helped Europcar Mobility Group:

PPC Protect worked closely with Publicis Media/Performics, Europcar’s digital agency partners, to onboard all 11 company brands into our platform within 15 minutes.

Moreover, the machine learning algorithms used by PPC Protect allowed the system to continually learn & refine its approach to detecting and blocking fraud by building and adjusting ideal customer profiles in real-time, across both search and display campaigns.

In total, the complete time investment from Europcar & the agency-paid search teams across the first month was just under two hours.


Based on PPC Protect's efforts, the results are:

  • An uplift of 14.4% in traffic quality & €19,300 of savings in one month.
  • a 14.4% uplift in traffic quality across the group’s paid media campaigns.
  • Europcar achieved an 824% return on investment in month one with PPC protect.

PPC Protect

PPC Protect's team includes marketers and technologists who are dedicated to providing advertisers with a true picture of what they're paying money for.PPC Protect's team combines the world's most robust database of invalid PPC click profiles with real-time cybersecurity monitoring to ensure only genuine users see your PPC ads. They classify each ad click to determine what traffic should be excluded from interacting with your ads and prevent that traffic from even seeing them.

Benefits of Using PPC Protect:

  • No two ad campaigns are alike. PPC Protect's systems automatically build a unique protection profile based on the metrics and behavior of your clicks.
  • Make automated PPC bidding and targeting strategies more effective by excluding false intent signals generated from invalid users.
  • Dark pattern UX is used by many websites, apps, and ad networks to generate unintended clicks from uninterested or unengaged users.

The Top Features of PPC Protect:

  • More Revenue. Same Budget.
  • You’re In Control. Choose Which Traffic You Would Exclude.
  • Unintended Clicks.
  • Eliminate Bad Traffic.

PPC Protect Pricing:

  • Pro
  • Elite
  • Agency
NOTE: for further information about the pricing, check their website.

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