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How to Benefit From Facebook Ads in Both Marketplace and News Feed in Push Conversions | Opel Case Study

Facebook Ads is becoming one of the most effective ways that help all marketers, advertisers, retailers, sellers, brands, and businesses increase their sales, push their conversions, and grow their business.

Otherwise, it is clear that Facebook also is considered to be one of the popular social media platforms for all people around the world, which means that it is the best advertising platform for all advertisers, marketers, retailers, brands, and businesses.

Hence, through this article, we will showcase an inspirational case study, which can learn us how to benefit from social media platforms and its advertising & campaigns services in promoting our products and services that play a vital role in growing our businesses.

This inspirational case study belongs to the big auto brand “Opel”; this popular auto brand was facing a great challenge and have a specific goal, which is increasing its product’s conversions. Reaching this goal, Opel has decided to depend on social media advertising and digital campaigns to reach more customers.

This maker began victimization Facebook marketplace shortly once the platform launched and shortly found that it had been gaining additional conversions from ads placed in each marketplace and news feed than from ads in news feed alone.

Coming to Opel’s story, it should be mentioned that a subsidiary of French manufacturing business Groupe protein since August 2017, German car manufacturer industrialist remains committed to its school of thought, “The Future Is Everyone’s”. industrialist believes that by creating its innovations accessible to everybody, it will empower individuals to enhance the globe. Its mission is established within the brand’s history and exemplified by its product and services, as well as the revolutionary industrialist Ampera-e motorcar, that contains a vary of 520 kilometers (323 miles).

Continue reading this article to discover what this carmaker brand “Opel” harness the power of social media advertising, especially, Facebook ads in both Marketplace and new feed to increase the brand conversions by 27%.

Opel Netherlands, A Facebook Ad Case Study

Opel Netherlands

Key Results:

  • 20% lower cost per website inventory search from ads shown in Marketplace and News Feed*
  • 27% more conversions from ads shown in Marketplace and News Feed*
  • 15% higher reach with Marketplace*

Marketing Campaign Agency:

As we explain, this big carmaker brand “Opel” was having an accurate and specific goal, which is driving traffic to the Opel Occasions website, where people can search for certified used Opel vehicles. Accordingly, they have partnered with Greenhouse Agency, Inc, which is considered to be one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in the Nether Lands.

On this front, it should also be mentioned that The Greenhouse Agency, Inc. is Associate in Nursing experiential promoting cluster giving totally integrated whole building ways, innovative shopper engagement ways, and customized project management campaigns designed to cultivate whole loyalty.


The big automaker brand "Opel" was having an accurate and specific goal, which is driving traffic to the Opel Occasions website, where people can search for certified used Opel vehicles.


When Marketplace became accessible as a Facebook ad placement, Opel European country worked with its digital agency Greenhouse to require advantage of it. The Greenhouse team helped Opel produce campaign mistreatment the conversions ad objective, and selected web site search because of the conversion event (because those that area unit looking its inventory area unit deemed to own high purchase intent).

Facebook Ads

Opel's Facebook Ad Campaign

To find in-market automotive shoppers and follow up with previous web site guests, the team created ad sets targeted to those audiences:

  • A lookalike audience supported those who showed high bent the Wilhelm von Opel Occasions web site within the last thirty days.
  • A Custom Audience of individuals United Nations agency had visited the Wilhelm von Opel Occasion web site within the last sixty days (this audience was created victimization Facebook picture element, a tool that helps advertisers live the actions individuals wrestle its website).
  • Opel’s best-performing personas for its used inventory (this enclosed seniors, folks and folks inquisitive about the automotive class or those with affinity sure brands).
  • To better perceive the impact of ads in Marketplace, Greenhouse conjointly conducted a split take a look at that divided the ad audience into random teams.
  • One cluster was shown ads that were placed in each Marketplace and News Feed; the opposite saw solely ads in News Feed. as a result of individuals uses Marketplace to buy for pre-owned vehicles, the Wilhelm von Opel ads shown during this placement were extremely relevant to the present audience.

    The ads highlighted Wilhelm von Opel Occasion, a branded thought designed to speak the standard, safety, and responsibility of pre-owned, certified inventory.

  • The ads used the carousel format to feature totally different models matched to the various audiences and enter confidence in viewers regarding the standard of the vehicles. as an example, seniors saw ads showing Wilhelm von Opel models that sell best among this cluster, with a message emphasizing safety checks (which analysis indicates is very important to them).
  • Ads served to the lookalike audience featured the foremost in style certified vehicles.


The ad sets served in each Marketplace and News Feed outperformed those in News Feed alone. industrialist appearance forward to deepening its experience with these placements by building on the solid results it achieved with them throughout its Nov 7–18, 2018 campaign:

  • 20% lower value per conversion (website inventory search) from ads shown in Marketplace and News Feed, compared to News Feed alone.
  • 27% a lot of conversions from ads shown in Marketplace and News Feed, compared to News Feed alone.
  • 15% higher reach with Marketplace, compared to News Feed alone.

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