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How to Use WhatsApp Business in Building Customer Relationships | PlayKids

But, the question here is that “which social media platform – including Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and WhatsApp – can help all marketers, advertisers, brands, and businesses to make these powerful customer relationships?!”.

Here what we will know through this case study, as we will showcase one of the smartest case studies of one of the globally popular brands, which is PlayKids company.

Additionally, through this case study, we will analyze how PlayKids organization uses WhatsApp Business in Building customer relationships, as well as explaining the challenge that they were facing and their solutions that they made to reach their goals.

On the same side, it should be mentioned that the global education platform for children started using WhatsApp Business as a communication channel to foster close-knit relationships and offer better service to new and existing customers, which helped decrease its number of lapsed subscribers by 90%.

PlayKids, a member of the Movile Group, is one of the global leaders in children’s educational content. With products that encourage children’s development through literature, technology, and tools developed by experts, it is present in more than 180 countries and 6 languages, impacting the lives of more than 5 million families. It seeks to contribute to the development of increasingly smaller ones around the world, with the purpose of teaching with fun to make a better world.

PlayKids App – With 3 international recognition stamps, the PlayKids application offers more than 4,000 designs, books, games and activities selected and created by experts to stimulate learning in the different stages of children’s development.

PlayKids Case Study - whatsapp for business case study: How to Use WhatsApp Business in Building Customer Relationships

PlayKids’ WhatsApp Business Campaign


PlayKids’ merchandise encourages children's development through literature, technology, and tools created by specialists. A member of the Movile cluster, the platform distributes participating books, games and activities that incorporate fun into learning, and has influenced the lives of over five million families to date.

Hence, the PlayKids marketing team was having a specific goal, which was moving nearer to families. Accordingly, the education platform for kids wished to use WhatsApp Business as a channel to strengthen its relationships with the families of youngsters that it creates content for, getting to give speedier client service.


  • To cement relationships with new and returning customers, PlayKids determined to use WhatsApp Business to produce higher and quicker client service.
  • once desegregation WhatsApp Business as a communication tool, PlayKids was ready to send messages on to its customers, as well as standing updates on ordered product, client care messages to reconnect with inactive users, and extra data concerning new arrivals in PlayKids’ store.
  • These messages were sent at crucial times once customers square measure additional possible to drop the service, like throughout the primary few months once subscribing to PlayKids or at the time of subscription renewal.
  • After desegregation WhatsApp Business as a serious channel and seeing its success, the corporate determined to use the WhatsApp platform in extra new ways that.
  • PlayKids began causation hour stories through WhatsApp in order that caregivers would receive them simply before their kid was able to visit sleep.

PlayKids' WhatsApp Business Campaign

How PlayKids Use WhatsApp Business in Building Customer Relationships



After incorporating WhatsApp Business to produce swift and high-quality service, increase loyalty and expand the company’s client base, PlayKids achieved the subsequent results:

  1. 90% decrease in range of irreligious subscribers, compared to email and telephone.
  2. 40% increase in message open rate, compared to email.
  3. 66% decrease in time to activate irreligious subscriptions, compared to email and telephone.

As Explained by Ana Abreu, Customer Care Manager at PlayKids:

"WhatsApp Business has allowed us to become closer to our customers, thus making our company more human. Through this messaging tool, we can be a part of our customers’ day through friendly conversations, facilitating processes and answering questions, or sending a bedtime story to families."

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