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Modo25 Saves Ad Spend & Time With PPC Protect

Modo25 is a digital marketing agency that provides technology and in-housing services to clients worldwide. Modo25 helps businesses take their marketing in-house and smooth the transition from using an agency – something which can be a tricky process alone.


Modo25 had a problem as they found out that click fraud was a problem for many of their paid search clients. However, they weren't sure exactly how much fraud was costing each company or how best to stop it. Therefore, they needed a solution that could work for all businesses.



Why Did Modo25 Choose PPC Protect?

After looking at different click fraud platforms, Tom Pickard, Modo25's Performance Marketing Manager said he chose PPC Protect as it offered an easy-to-manage system and that gave outstanding results.

Pickard said that "the fact it didn’t require any dev time to set up and the rules are fully automated made it ideal for our business.”


How Did PPC Protect Help Modo25?

  • Modo25 was able to reach new heights with its marketing campaigns.
  • Invalid clicks are no longer draining Modo25's budget.
  • They witnessed a 21% increase in traffic quality.
  • They saved £90,000 per month.

Tom shared his joy at how helpful the PPC Protect team are: “The implementation was super easy. Particularly for a start-up where we don’t have many team members, the speed was a lifesaver because we could get great results for our clients quickly and without a lot of work. Adam was always on-hand to answer any questions I had and got back to me straight away which really made a difference.”

PPC Protect

PPC Protect's team includes marketers and technologists who are dedicated to providing advertisers with a true picture of what they're paying money for.PPC Protect's team combines the world's most robust database of invalid PPC click profiles with real-time cybersecurity monitoring to ensure only genuine users see your PPC ads. They classify each ad click to determine what traffic should be excluded from interacting with your ads and prevent that traffic from even seeing them.

Benefits of Using PPC Protect:

  • No two ad campaigns are alike. PPC Protect's systems automatically build a unique protection profile based on the metrics and behavior of your clicks.
  • Make automated PPC bidding and targeting strategies more effective by excluding false intent signals generated from invalid users.
  • Dark pattern UX is used by many websites, apps, and ad networks to generate unintended clicks from uninterested or unengaged users.

The Top Features of PPC Protect:

  • More Revenue. Same Budget.
  • You’re In Control. Choose Which Traffic You Would Exclude.
  • Unintended Clicks.
  • Eliminate Bad Traffic.

PPC Protect Pricing:

  • Pro
  • Elite
  • Agency
NOTE: for further information about the pricing, check their website.

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