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Penetrate New Markets With Effective Social Media Strategies | Adidas Case Study

Needing to penetrate new markets is not an easy endeavor. It typically comes in the picture when you are marketing and selling products in a saturated and highly competitive market.

Strategizing how to penetrate new markets is essential when you are looking at the product market expansion grid. Since the current market is probably challenging and saturated. Or it may have high competition or your current product has low turnaround time.

Adidas, one of the leading global sports brands who has never been actively associated with cricket. Adidas used to focus on football, athletics, basketball and other sports, but never identified as a dedicated brand for cricket. After it understood the vast potential of Indian market and the cricket loving Indian youth, and successfully leveraged social media campaigns on Facebook to position itself as a brand or company very passionate for cricket and cricket lovers.


The campaign was initiated to position Adidas as a serious cricket brand in India with the following two key objectives:

  1. Ensuring long term and sustainable process of interaction with the target audience.
  2. Simultaneously engaging the audience with quality and meaningful applications, events and activities.


With the professional consultancy and guidance from Isobar, an agency known for its communications expertise and social media marketing know-how, the company adopted the following strategies.  

  • Decided to create a snowball effect to its campaign through a social media platform, where the cricket fans come, discuss, share content and experience.  
  • The young people in the age group of 14-25 years with a huge affinity towards digital media were targeted.  
  • It selected Facebook as its primary social media platform because it was the most popular among its target audience. 
  • Created accounts on YouTube and Twitter to extend the digital touch points and to broaden the overall social media experience of the target audience. 
  • It started posting relevant content, such as conversations on cricket, games, Trivia and Fantasy Cricket games for long time engagement of its visitors.  
  • Started posting ‘Sneak previews’ and TVC’s campaigns on the page, prior to their scheduled release on TV channels.  
  • Used to regularly post photographs related to different events and activities.  
  • It created an opportunity for 24*7 engagement by many other activities, such as (i) running instant competitions on the discussion board (ii) hosting a quiz contest (e.g. ‘Rapidfire Contest’), (iii) ‘Spot the ball contest’ and (iv) ‘Immortal Words Contest’. 
  • Added YouTube and Twitter links on the Facebook page to provide wider social media experience to its audience and opportunity to expand their networking through sharing and participating in different activities.


Adidas Cricket has achieved phenomenal success in its social media campaign. The following were some major outcomes:  

  • The Facebook page has been able to acquire more than 3.2 Million likes and 12,170 people are talking about the page (as on 3-6-2014).  
  • The Adidas Cricket community has grown to more than 1 Million fans and still growing. 
  • More than 5x visits to its YouTube videos.  
  • Acquired more than 300 followers on Twitter.  
  • As reported by AC Neilson, Adidas has emerged as the most popularly discussed brand on social media.

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