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Pure Energie Saves Ad Spend & Time With PPC Protect

Pure Energie is a green energy supplier. The company is based in the Netherlands and it provides wind and solar-generated electricity to domestic and commercial customers nationwide. Although they have been in business for more than 25 years, Pure Energie is a relative newcomer to digital marketing.

Back in 2018, they developed a new marketing strategy with an emphasis on Google Ads.


Pure Energie noticed an issue with their Google Ads display campaigns. According to Google Ads Specialist Peter Brouwer, explains, “I saw a lot of clicks but not enough conversions. There was strange website traffic, low session duration, and high bounce rates”.

Anyhow, he was unaware of the full extent of click fraud and didn't know the software was available to tackle the problem. By coincidence, Brouwer heard about a software solution through a LinkedIn connection and began to do some research.


To solve this issue, Pure Energie then signed up for a free traffic audit with PPC Protect and began looking through the data.

According to Peter, the decision to select PPC Protect’s solution was an easy one. "I looked at PPC Protect’s interface and the positive service we received from Dan. Plus, the results have been quite amazing," he says.


How PPC Protect Helped Pure Energie:

  • Pure Energie’s conversion rates have increased along with click-through rates.
  • The traffic quality improvement of 4.5% per month.
    A monthly saving of 5% of monthly ad spend, equating to over $4000 per month saved.

Thanks to PPC Protect, Pure Energie’s optimization campaign is now based on pure data and real prospects.

PPC Protect

PPC Protect's team includes marketers and technologists who are dedicated to providing advertisers with a true picture of what they're paying money for.PPC Protect's team combines the world's most robust database of invalid PPC click profiles with real-time cybersecurity monitoring to ensure only genuine users see your PPC ads. They classify each ad click to determine what traffic should be excluded from interacting with your ads and prevent that traffic from even seeing them.

Benefits of Using PPC Protect:

  • No two ad campaigns are alike. PPC Protect's systems automatically build a unique protection profile based on the metrics and behavior of your clicks.
  • Make automated PPC bidding and targeting strategies more effective by excluding false intent signals generated from invalid users.
  • Dark pattern UX is used by many websites, apps, and ad networks to generate unintended clicks from uninterested or unengaged users.

The Top Features of PPC Protect:

  • More Revenue. Same Budget.
  • You’re In Control. Choose Which Traffic You Would Exclude.
  • Unintended Clicks.
  • Eliminate Bad Traffic.

PPC Protect Pricing:

  • Pro
  • Elite
  • Agency
NOTE: for further information about the pricing, check their website.

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