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ad:tech Sydney conference 2019 | Australia


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ad:tech Sydney conference 2019 becomes one of the biggest marketing technology event around the world, which help all marketers, advertisers, retailers, e-commerce persons, and innovators learn how to position themselves between the leaders in their industry.

ad:tech Sydney conference 2019 is also considered to be one of the Comexposium conferences that held around the USA, the Uk,  Europe, Canada, and Australia and focus on digital marketing, content marketing, marketing technology, e-commerce, retail, affiliate marketing, marketing strategies, and social media.

ad:tech Sydney conference 2019 also offers great opportunities for all people who are interested in digital marketing, social media, and marketing technology industry to Learn, Network, Play.

ad:tech Sydney conference 2019 is a two-day conference & exhibition that has been constantly evolving since arriving in Australia in 2007, and now proudly ranks as Australia’s premier event for helping marketers market smarter in a digital world. Additionally, this version will bring a smart package of the best industry’s leaders, speakers, experts, and peers in all fields of the Digital marketing, in addition, a set of effective and valuable sessions, workshops, case studies, researches, talks, and presentations.

ad:tech Sydney conference 2019 will take place from 12 – 13 of March 2019 at The Hilton, Sydney, Australia.

The Conference’s Main Topics:

  • How To Reimagine Marketing.
  • Disruption In The Media Business.
  • Putting The Customer First In A Dynamically Changing Market.
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Technology
  • Social Media
  • Brand Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Innovations
  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Video marketing
  • Publishing
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Machine Learning
  • Domain
  • Web Hosting
  • Affiliate Marketing

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Why Should Attend?!

  • Learn From The Biggest Brands & Best Speakers:
    ad:tech is the ‘go to’ event for discovering what trends are changing the landscape, and for uncovering the latest tactics that will help you compete.
  • Network With People Who Matter:
    ad:tech is the premium event in Australia for meeting the ‘who’s who’ of digital, giving you the chance to form lasting relationships with industry peers and partners.
    ad:tech provides a variety of structured and informal networking opportunities to bring together the industries best and brightest from brands, agencies, vendors and publisher side, all facilitated via our industry-leading event app and program.
  • Play With The Latest Technology:
    ad:tech is very much about ‘play’. Marketers are dealing with an ad-and-mar-tech landscape of over 3,800 technologies spanning 40+categories.
  • Learn from a great set of valuable sessions, exhibitions, workshops, and presentations.
  • Position Yourself As An Industry Leader.
  • Engage With Your Target Audience.
  • Achieve Business Objectives.
  • Meet highly targeted marketers from all levels of the industry.
  •  Network within agencies and digital strategists.
  •  Promote your latest products and services.
  •  Reinforce your existing business relationship.
  •  Accelerate the buying process by answering questions face to face.
  • Consolidate your position in the industry and reinforce customer loyalty.
  •  Raise your profile in the digital marketing industry and add value to your brands.


  • All Access:
    -Super Early Bird – $999
    -Early Bird Ends – $1199
    -Final Call (Ends 12th March 2019) – $1299
  • Team Pass (5+):
    -Super Early Bird- $759
    -Early Bird – $959
    -Final Call (Ends 12th March 2019) – $1039
  • First Keynote Plus:
    -Super Early Bird – FREE
    -Early Bird Ends – FREE
    -Final Call (Ends 12th March 2019) – FREE

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Event Details

LocationThe Hilton, Sydney, Australia
Organization Comexposium
PriceStart from $759


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