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Content Marketing Summit 2017| Aug 14-16, Vail, Co, US

Join the “content marketing summit” to learn how brands are preparing for the future of content marketing and how to create and use it more effectively.

Content marketing is now a staple in most brands’ communication and marketing plans, so what’s next? How do we use it to achieve business goals and prove it brings in revenue? How do the ever-changing platforms and mediums affect the future of content marketing? How do you break through the digital brand noise? How do you keep coming up with authentic, effective, and creative content?.

Sessions will cover campaigns that have broken through the digital noise and the ROI of content marketing, future content marketing technology, think podcasts, chatbots and voice recognition technology.

5 reasons to attend ” Content Marketing” Summit:

  1. Meetings with buy-side executives.
  2. Small-scale events for high-impact networking.
  3. Excellent value that keeps expenses low.
  4. Unparalleled attendee caliber buying power.
  5. Respect for your time, personal and professional.

Content Marketing Summit | Aug 14-16, Vail, Co, US

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Date 2017-08-14
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