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Content Marketing Summit New York 2018 | USA

Content Marketing Summit New York 2018 is one of the Innovation Enterprise series of Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, E-commerce, Retail, data visualization, and Social Media events, which held annually around the world.

It brings together some of the most innovative brands, exciting start-ups and leading marketers that are driving creativity, using cognitive systems to leverage their brand engagement and building marketing strategies for tomorrow. Through a variety of case study presentations, and in-depth panel discussions, this year’s event will be an educational playground to get inspired, network and discover takeaway actionable insights for your content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Summit New York 2018 is a two-day event that will take place from 6 – 7 of December 2018 at Convene 237 Park Avenue, New York, The USA.

Content Marketing Summit New York 2018 Main Topics:

  • Insightful case studies of content marketing strategies for real-world application.
  • Experience new technologies and AI to improve your content curation.
  • Build purposeful brand partnerships to widen your audience.
  • Foster diversity and inclusion to find the right creative talent and reflect your customer base.
  • Plus masterclasses in personalization & social media workshops in utilizing social listening, creating user-generated content and adopting live video.

Who Will Attend Content Marketing Summit New York 2018?!

Big brands, agencies, and companies will attend the conference, such as:

Content Marketing Summit New York 2018 | USA 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Who Should Attend The Content Marketing Summit New York 2018?!

  • Innovators
  • Senior marketers and branders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital executives and professionals
  • web & mobile strategists
  • Designers and web project managers
  • Business leaders
  • Business developers
  • Agency executives and their teams
  • Anyone else who operates in the digital community will attend to learn and leverage digital, mobile, and social media marketing.

Content Marketing Summit New York 2018 in Numbers:

  • 2 Days
  • 20+ Presentations
  • 25+ Speakers
  • 90+ Attendees

Content Marketing Summit New York 2018 Pricing:

  • Silver Pass – $1,695
  • Gold Pass – $1,995
  • One Day Pass – $995

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