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DigiComm Summit | Feb 22-23 2018, Huntington Beach, CA, USA

The DigiComm Summit will take place on February 22-23 Feb of 2018 in Huntington Beach, California. Digital communications or marketing professional will get case-study presentations, fun networking opportunities, hands-on workshops, practical advice and how-to’s. Step outside of your workplace, connect with peers and learn from the best to keep growing your skills—for your brand, and for your career.

Digicomm Summit Attendees Will Take Away Practical Knowledge on:

  • How to use facebook live to broadcast your brand’s most compelling stories.
  • How to develop a Snapchat presence.
  • Creative ways to use Instagram direct messaging feature.
  • How to use Twitter’s native analytic tool to get a better read on your brand’s image.
  • The most effective metrics to help make the business case for social.
  • Optimize your content for voice search.
  • Target key phrases that are likely to be searched by voice.
  • Prepare for conversational search queries.
  • Determine the questions your audience asks and cater content around those questions.
  • Produce a voice SEO strategy across several search engines.
DigiComm Summit | Feb 22-23 2018, Huntington Beach, CA, USA

DigiComm Summit | Feb 22-23 2018, Huntington Beach, CA, USA

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Date 2018-02-22
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