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Digital Marketing Innovation Summit | New York, USA


Digital Marketing Innovation Summit

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit in New York is considered to be one of the Innovation Enterprise series of Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, E-commerce, Retail, data visualization, and Social Media events, webinars, and conferences held annually around the worldwide.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit is a great opportunity for all marketers, advertisers, social media specialists, retailers, and all people who are interested in digital marketing, social media, and digital innovations industry to learn new waves of Innovation in the Ever-Shifting Brand Landscape.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit is a two-day event, where attendees can enjoy a great package of the best industry’s leaders, speakers, experts, and peers in all fields of the Digital marketing, in addition, a set of effective and valuable sessions, workshops, case studies, researches, talks, and presentations.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit will take place from 26 – 27 of March 2019 at Convene 151 West 42nd St, New York, the USA.

The Conference’s Main Topics:

  • Influencers’ value to the business
  • Voice-powered e-commerce
  • Succeeding in an AI-driven market
  • Brands having beliefs
  • How to think like a challenger brand
  • Marketing to GenZ

Why Should Attend?!

  • Learn from a great set of valuable sessions, exhibitions, workshops, and presentations.
  • Position Yourself As An Industry Leader.
  • Engage With Your Target Audience.
  • Achieve Business Objectives.
  • Meet highly targeted marketers from all levels of the industry.
  •  Network within agencies and digital strategists.
  •  Promote your latest products and services.
  •  Reinforce your existing business relationship.
  •  Accelerate the buying process by answering questions face to face.
  • Consolidate your position in the industry and reinforce customer loyalty.
  •  Raise your profile in the digital marketing industry and add value to your brands.

Who can Attend?!

  • Innovators
  • Senior marketers and branders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital executives and professionals
  • web & mobile strategists
  • Designers and web project managers
  • Business leaders
  • Business developers
  • Agency executives and their teams
  • Anyone else who operates in the digital community will attend to learn and leverage digital, mobile, and social media marketing.

Who will Attend?!

Big brands, agencies, and companies will attend the conference, such as:

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit Attendees

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit Attendees

Conference in Numbers:

  • 2Days
  • 20+Speakers
  • 30+Sessions
  • 120 Companies
  • 100 Attendees


Digital Marketing Innovation Summit Sponsors

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit Sponsors


  • Early Bird – Gold Pass – $1,699
  • Early Bird – Silver Pass – $1,399
  • One Day Pass – $1,050

This Event Ended

Event Details

Time08.00 am
LocationConvene 151 West 42nd St, New York, the USA.
Organization Innovation Enterprise
PriceStart from $1,050


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