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Digital Media India 2018 Conference | Mumbai, India

Digital Media India 2018 Conference is one of the WAN-IFRA series of digital marketing & social media events held globally for publishers across Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and North America.

Digital Media India 2018 Conference is the 7th edition of this digital conference for news publishers, which brings ideas on revenue strategies, use of audience intelligence, platform publishing and viral content in social media.

It’s a three-day event, that gathering a great package of the best industry’s leaders, speakers, experts, and peers, in addition to a set of sessions, workshops, talks, and presentations.

Attendees list includes a number of big brands, agencies, and companies, such as Google, The Daily Star, Utopia Analytics Oy, Deutsche Welle, WAN-IFRA, Newstech (India) Pvt. Ltd., HT Media Limited, and US Embassy.

Digital Media India 2018 Conference will take place from 07 – 09 of February 2018 in Mumbai, India.

Digital Media India 2018 Conference Speakers:

Digital Media India 2018 Conference Speakers

Some of the conference’s speakers

Digital Media India 2018 Conference Main Topics:

  • Paid Content
  • Digital Transformation
  • Big Data
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Viral Content for Mobile Device
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media

Why You should Attend?!

  • A blended mix of business, editorial, and digital topics.
  • Connect with the right people: Industry get-together with more than 200 senior publishing executives from over 15 countries: CEOs; CDOs; Digital Editors-in-Chief; CMOs; Digital revenues strategists; Heads of sales, Media buyers and Advertising Agencies.
  • The smartest investment to share and get updates on the latest media trends.
  • The latest and most successful digital monetization strategies.
  • The world’s best speakers with trending topic brought to India.
  • A concise, carefully-tailored, rich and relevant programme.
  • Unique people and this is the right place to get invaluable contacts.

Who will Attend?!

Big brands, agencies, and companies will attend the conference, such as:

  • Google
  • The Daily Star
  • Utopia Analytics Oy
  • Deutsche Welle
  • Newstech (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • HT Media Limited
  • US Embassy

Digital Media India 2018 Conference Sponsors:

Digital Media India 2018 Conference Sponsors

Some of the Conference’s Sponsors


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