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Glossy Forum: The Age of E-Commerce 2019 | New York, USA

Glossy Forum: The Age of E-Commerce 2019 is an important gathering for the leaders and experts in the industry of fashion and beauty to discuss the state of online shopping, including how digitally native brands are evolving and how traditional players are adjusting to compete.

As fashion and beauty sales move online, brands are rethinking their business models to optimize sales channels: They’re updating their e-commerce sites to better tell their brand stories, inserting personalization at every step to meet new standards on service.

At the same time, they’re syncing data collected across touchpoints to gain a 360-degree view of shoppers’ buying history and habits. Physical stores are morphing into showrooms and marketing tools, as e-commerce increasingly offers convenience.

Glossy Forum: The Age of E-Commerce will take place on 10 Oct 2019 at One Liberty Plaza, New York, USA.

Glossy Forum: The Age of E-Commerce 2019 | New York, USA 1 | Digital Marketing Community

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The Conference’s Main Topics:

  • Leading with Innovation: The Benefits of Being First to Market
  • Scaling a DTC Business: From Building a Community to Growing the Physical
  • Measuring Your Retention Marketing
  • Diversifying Sales Channels: Striking the Right Balance to Support Growth
  • Brand Advocacy: How to Make Your Brand Part of the Conversation in the Digital Age
  • From Private Label to Designerkatie Exclusives: Using Curation to Cut Through the Clutter
  • Navigating the New Standards of E-commerce

Why should Attend?!

  • Hear from the profissional in the industry and explore the points of success and failure.
  • Explore the rise of the direct-to-consumer model that has turned fashion retail on its head.
  • The event will review how the traditional brands are feeling pressure to rethink their business models, and department stores are being left high and dry.


  • Single Pass: $1,095
  • Group Pass 3-5: $945
  • Group Pass 6+: $895

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Event Details

Time8:30 am
LocationOne Liberty Plaza, New York, USA
Organization Digiday Media
IndustryCosmetics & Beauty


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