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SocialDay 2020 | London, UK

SocialDay 2020 is considered the industry-leading digital social marketing event that focuses on helping facilitate the networking for the brands and agencies that attend from around the world we host two parties on each of the main conference evenings, try your hand at bowling with your next new client or agency.

SocialDay 2020 takes place over 3 days in London and includes really exciting panels, workshops and keynote sessions.

SocialDay 2020 is organized by Avviso Media which is a B2B digital content marketing agency that empowers businesses to be relevant in an ever-changing digital world. Working with marketers and company directors to connect with customers and audiences through engaging content that delivers a return on investment.

The Conference’s Main Topics:

  • AI in Marketing
  • Mobilising 1 billion people to take action for our planet
  • Attention Economy
  • Snapchat – Exclusive Insights
  • Future of Social Media Panel
  • Chris Kubby – Fireside Chat
  • Growth Marketing – Why marketers need a growth mindset?

Why You Should Attend:

  • Learn how to create the best event experience for all those who work in and around Social Media Marketing.
  • SocialDay covers cutting edge topics around social media marketing looking at advertising, creativity, case studies, analytics and more
  • The organizer of SocialDay 2020 sources speakers who are different and want to do something unique for this special event.
  • You will often find SocialDay speakers in the audience supporting others on stage and enjoying interacting with the audience.
  • The stage has seen senior managers at the largest Social Networks, huge brands and unknown speakers with a fantastic story to tell.


  • 3 Day General Admission: £350.00
  • 1 Day Pass 12th May: £200.00
  • 1 Day Pass 13th May: £200.00
  • 1 Day Pass 14th May: £200.00
  • 3 days General Admission Early Release 2 (Sold Out): £300.00

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Event Details

DateMay 12, 2020
Organization Avviso Media
IndustryMarketing and Advertising


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