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The Digital Transformation Conference 2019 | Washington DC, USA

The Digital Transformation Conference Washington DC, USA 2019 will take place on 24 October 2019 in Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C., USA.

The Digital Transformation Conference Washington DC 2019

The Digital Transformation Conference Washington DC 2019

The Conference’s Main Topics:

  • Digital transformation journey insights.
  • Digital infrastructure: the core of transformation.
  • The digital workplace.
  • People, culture & leadership.
  • Digital experience.
  • The networking sessions.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Digital Infrastructure is at the core of digital transformation, enabling seamless change to take place.
  • The tools and technologies in the workplace have a huge impact on how an organization can transform.
  • Internal digital transformation is a key success factor so we hear on the internal tools and tech that has an impact on those successes.
  • The external beneficiary of an organization that is digitally mature is the customer, or in the case of government, the citizen.


  • Early Bird Ticket [Full-Access Pass]: $199
  • Full Access Pass – Government Employees Only [Free-Ticket]
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This Event Ended

Event Details

Date 2019-10-24
Time 08:30
Location USA
Organization Roar media
Industry Marketing and Advertising
Price 199$


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