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4 New Updates Make Finding Jobs on LinkedIn Easier And Effective

There are no doubts that, recently, LinkedIn became the most popular platform for all job seekers across the world, which requires LinkedIn to develop its platform and features, in order to suit the applicants globally.

Based on that, a few days ago, LinkedIn announced on its official blog the launch of four new features and updates to its platform, in order to make it even easier to find the right job on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn new features and updates include a new search experience, remote jobs search, and updates to LinkedIn Salary search.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“Through our own research, we’ve found professionals are changing jobs more than ever – especially among younger generations – and they’re often making career pivots or looking for more flexibility.”

  • The new LinkedIn Jobs search experience

Now applicants don’t have to open multiple tabs and lose their places in search. Now they have the ability to:

  1. Scroll through jobs details in the same page, where they browse the other jobs.
  2. Save the job that’s suitable and interests them.
  3. Identify the most important Job’s details – like company size, how many applicants there are, and who in their network can help.

All of that information will appear right at the top of the page, which enables them to decide if a job is the right fit for them or no.

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  • Search remote jobs

According to the LinkedIn recent survey, it’s found that nearly half (43%) of U.S. professionals spent time working remotely last year, so LinkedIn wants to benefit from these results by adding “remote jobs”.

Now all the applicants are able to select remote job during looking for new jobs, which will enable them to find only jobs that do not require coming into the office. Alongside this, LinkedIn also enables its users to indicate in their Career Preferences that they’re open to working remotely.


  • LinkedIn Salary

In addition to the previous features, applicants now can identify more details about the jobs’ salary more easier. LinkedIn adds a new feature to its LinkedIn Salary, that enables users to search by a company – not just job title – to understand how different job titles are paid at the company they’re interested in.

Based on that, all the professionals and applicants now can enter into interviews or conversations with managers more informed.


  • Dream Company 

Now, the applicants can be notified when their dream company posts new jobs to its account, which provides them to be one of the first to apply. They only need to turn on job alerts.


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