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Adobe Acquires Oculus Medium from Facebook

Adobe acquires Oculus Medium, a 3D virtual reality sculpture tool for creatives, from Facebook. 

Medium, which Oculus first launched back in 2016, enables users to build their own 3D models in a VR environment, where you can sculpt, paint and simulate action, essentially creating art and objects in a totally immersive space.

The reason behind the sale is that the Medium team was an expensive venture for Oculus and its sale means a broader rethinking within Facebook in which virtual reality projects they address internally.

Oculus invested a large amount of money in Medium over the years, and the sale is probably not excellent for the Oculus Medium team, just because there is now an adequate price attached to the effort that is coming for niche software. The terms of the agreement were not shared, and what kind of treatment Adobe received.

But as noted by Oculus, Adobe’s shift into VR could mark a significant step in the broadening of the technology, expanding VR tools into new use cases where they could, potentially, see more widespread adoption, as the medium moves towards becoming a more mainstream, functional space.

Creative tools that are not for games do not receive new investments, virtual reality film content is not prioritized and Facebook is preparing to buy more game studios in order to scale their titles.

For a division that has been talking only about the distant future for years, it is a pragmatic strategy that probably means a broader satisfaction with how things look on the hardware front.

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