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Facebook 3D Posts Are Coming Soon To Newsfeeds

 Facebook has announced in the F8 conference which held on last month in San Jose, California, that a package of enjoyable visual tools and features are coming soon to Facebook. 3D posts come at the top of Facebook’s “coming soon” list, which didn’t get a heap of attention at the time and Facebook didn’t have a lot to share about it.

 The new 3D posts feature will live in your newsfeed just like any other photos, except when you scroll by them, touch or click them, or tilt your phone, they respond as if the photo is actually a window into a tiny diorama, with corresponding changes in perspective. It will work for both ordinary pictures of people and dogs, but also landscapes and panoramas.


“The phone’s two cameras take a pair of images, and immediately the device does its own work to calculate a “depth map” from them, an image encoding the calculated distance of everything in the frame.” TechCrunch said.

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According to the previous gif; it can be said that the new 3D posts will provide a level of depth to posted images and it makes images look more impressive with adding another element to your images. In the same context, you should remember that Facebook already supports 360-degree photos and video in the news feed, but the new feature will make Facebook more enjoyable.

SQUAAAARK! New 3D models on Facebook, you say? Yes please! 😍 Have a play by dragging the below around with your finger or mouse.

Posted by LEGO on Tuesday, February 20, 2018


In the same context, Aykud Gönen, a product manager at Facebook explained more about the new feature:

“Our early partners have already implemented some exciting new ways to share 3D content on Facebook. For instance, people can easily share 3D memories captured with an Xperia XZ1 phone via Sony’s 3D Creator app. On the web, people can share objects directly from the Oculus Medium web gallery and soon from Google’s Poly as well. And 3D modeling software Modo has added the ability to generate Facebook-ready files, with support coming to more 3D programs soon.”

Get a closer look at Blue — in 3D. Add her to your photo or video with #JurassicWorld effect on your Facebook camera here:

Posted by Jurassic World on Tuesday, February 20, 2018


 Facebook is going forward a seamless digital world where people can share immersive experiences and objects like these across VR, AR & Facebook News Feed. F8 conference was mostly centered on the platform’s advancing AR capacity. The conference is an annual event where developers and businesses explored what’s next in technology, and Facebook showcased during the conference its upcoming new products and innovations to bring the world closer together. It invited the users around the world to be a part of its event to learn and discover new tools.

Finally, we can say that till now we know very little about Facebook’s new 3D posts feature — or even how you’ll capture these photos. We have to wait and see how exactly this will work when Facebook launches it officialy.

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