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Facebook Spending Over $233.6M on Its Supplier Diversity Program

It is clear that recently, Facebook put in several efforts to help small and local businesses increase organic reach, in addition to introducing their products and services to their targeted customers in an effective and easy way. Accordingly, Facebook launched several educational programs, made many partnerships with scientific organizations, and rolled out features and tools especially built for small and local businesses.

One of those Facebook efforts is the launch of “Facebook supplier diversity program”, in October 2016. It is built to enable diverse-owned companies to do business with Facebook and use its platform to grow their business by connecting with the people and communities they serve.

Today, Facebook shared on its official blog that in 2017, they spent $204.9 million with US companies privately certified as majority-owned, operated and controlled by racial and ethnic minorities, women, veterans, LGBTQ people, and differently-abled entrepreneurs. Additionally, Facebook mentions that an additional $28.7 million were spent with companies similarly certified with public programs at the local, state and federal level, like The California Public Utilities Commission.

This wasn’t Facebook’s only effort regarding the matter. In August, Facebook announced two new partnerships with two big training organizations in the USA; one of which is locally with the Columbus State Community College – the Facebook Community Boost program – is in Columbus, Ohio, and another with the National Urban League. Additionally, Facebook also launched a set of new tools, including redesigning Pages on mobile, Making Recommendations, holding big digital marketing & social media events around the world, expanding Jobs Tool, and finding a Local Spot Quicker, in order to help small businesses on Facebook increase organic reach.

On February 9th, 2018, Facebook announced at the Facebook Communities Summit in Europe the launch of “the Community Leadership Program“, which is a global initiative that invests in people building communities. In addition to pointing out that Facebook will commit tens of millions of dollars to the program, including up to $10 million in grants that will go directly to people creating and leading communities.

Otherwise, Facebook also led a Community Boost tour, in order to help people and small businesses across the nation to gain effective digital marketing skills, which enables them to capitalize on their businesses. Back in June, Facebook announced on its official blog its initiative to train 1 million US business owners and equip more people with the digital skills they need to perform competently in today’s workplace. As part of this program, in September, Facebook held the “Boost Your Business event”, that’s introducing Facebook experts and local businesses who will talk about the most up-to-date tools, insights, and best practices for achieving success on Facebook and Instagram. This event took place on September 24, 2018, at Fair Market (1100 E 5th St), Austin, USA, for free.

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