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Facebook is Launching a New Dashboard Tracking Time Spent

Many social media users may be surprised and dismayed to discover how much time they spend on different social networking platforms. Hence, it was necessary to develop tools that enable users to measure and control time spent on social media platforms, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Today, Facebook is finally releasing its new “Your Time on Facebook” dashboard within its main app for all Facebook users around the world. Facebook new “Time Spent” feature is considered to be an intelligent tool that can inform users of how many minutes they spend on the platform. It is mainly built to allow users to measure, control, and limit their social networking across the app each day for the past week and on average.

Facebook time spent dashboard

As shown in the above visual, the Facebook new dashboard will provide users with many different and effective options, such as:

  1. According to “Your Time on Facebook” dashboard, users will able to set a daily limit and receive a reminder to stop after that many minutes each day.
  2. They can also access shortcuts to the notification, News Feed and Friend Request settings.
  3. Users can access the Facebook new feature by tapping on Facebook’s More tab -> Settings & Privacy -> Your Time on Facebook.

It should be mentioned that this final launch of “Your Time on Facebook” dashboard came after Fifteen weeks since the Facebook company officially announced that they were working on rolling out a new tool that enables its users to measure and manage their time spent on the platform, earlier in June, but the company delayed launch and access to the feature for some given explanations.

As Facebook’s spokesperson told TechCrunch, “We typically roll out features slowly so we can catch bugs early and resolve them quickly. We slowed the rollout of the tools after launch so our teams could fix a few bugs before we expanded globally,” and that “the tools will continue rolling out over the next few weeks.”

On a similar note, it should be pointed out that in August, YouTube announced on its official blog that they’re rolling out some new features that focus on the understanding of time spent on YouTube, in order to enable users to manage their time spent online, as well as taking charge of their Digital Wellbeing. Accordingly, users can find all of YouTube tools in one place, alongside their personal time watched profile. These new tools include How much actually watch, A break Reminder, One notification a day, and Disable notification sounds and vibrations.

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