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Facebook Launches a New Report on How Users Watch Videos

As a part of its ongoing efforts to provide the latest insights for all the advertisers, Marketing campaigns creators, and Digital Marketers around the world, that focuses on the consumer behavior globally, Facebook published a new valuable report in this way.

Based on that, a few days ago, Facebook announced on its official business blog its latest insights and analytics centered around how people engage with video across platforms, how the Facebook team have used these insights to provide products, and how marketers, advertisers, and Marketing campaigns creators can leverage these insights to build more effective video ad campaigns.


The Facebook insights report includes a variety of directions, behaviors, and fields, which relate engagement with video on videos on social media platforms.

At the first part, Facebook showcases how users engage with video on and off mobile throughout the day and which are the goals of watching a video of their friend’s vacation on Facebook Stories or TV and digital video platforms like Netflix or Hulu. And, It was noted that watching Facebook Stories is different from the gained experience from watching Netflix after dinner. Additionally, they confirmed that the video is a critical combination of both experiences but achieves very different needs.

Coming to the Facebook Videos, they reported that the video is being watched for different reasons, which could be included in these:

  • Users watch feed environments Facebook stories to connect with friends, family, celebrities, and brands.
  • They’re trying to explore the latest and get inspired, informed or entertained by enjoying the text, photos or videos and each piece of content stands on its own.

As explained by Facebook:

“In contrast, environments such as TV and digital video platforms like Netflix or Hulu are multi-functional. People discover content but also consume content for an extended duration. For example, people discover by surfing channels on TV or OTT devices and pick a show or movie to watch for minutes or hours. We see this behavior on Facebook too.”

Watching Video

Coming to the second part of the Facebook insights report, which focuses on Who is watching, when they watch, and impacts consumption patterns as well. In this way, Facebook found these results:

  1. In environments which are targeted for exploration, such as Facebook News Feed, people login many times a day.
  2. But, goings to types that are meant for intentional viewings, such as Watch or TV, are fewer.
  3. Users go to Watch for intentional viewing for 5X longer than in News Feed.
  4. Age affects how content is viewed, For example, attention to the same ad content is lower for younger people than for older people, when it comes to the video ads.
  5. On the same point, people ages 18-24, attention to an ad is about 75% of that of people 65+.
  6. Attention to TV ads is significantly higher in people aged 45+ than in people aged 18-24, As reported by A global in-home eye-tracking study.


In the last part of the Facebook insights report, Facebook provides for all the advertisers, Marketing campaigns creators, and Digital Marketers around the world a set of valuable and effective tips and recommendations based on the previous results, which are:

  1. Match your message to what people expect from an experience.
  2. Build ads catered to your audience’s viewing behavior.
  3. Measure performance based on where your ad is shown.

Finally, it should be said that this Facebook insights report is an appreciated effort, that enables marketers to create ad campaigns which are based on the ways in which people watch videos.

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