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Facebook Launches a Campaign to Prevent Abuse in Brazil

A few hours ago, Facebook announced the launch of a cleanup campaign on its platform in Brazil in order to prevent abuse before the Brazilian general election on October.

Facebook announced that they have taken down a network of 196 Pages and 87 accounts in Brazil that violated Facebook’s authenticity policies.

“Facebook gives millions of people in Brazil a voice online, and we want to make sure their conversations happen in an authentic and safe environment. That’s why we require that people use their real identities on Facebook.”

As said by Facebook, after they had made a rigorous investigation, they explored that these were part of a coordinated network that hid behind fake Facebook accounts and misled people to sow division and spread misinformation.

It also shows that those accounts and Pages, which were taken down were in direct violation of Facebook policies and broken its platform rules.

It should be pointed out that in recent time, Facebook has been facing harsh criticism since the Cambridge Analytica incident, so Facebook is trying to make a litany of changes to be safer and to be transparent with its users.

The social network has a separate set of tools to discourage the distribution of fake news with help from outside fact checkers. Rolling out features fighting false news on Facebook, was one of Facebook’s steps to solve its recent problems. In this context, Facebook has about 15,000 people working on security and content review across the world, and they intend to expand those teams to more than 20,000 by the end of this year.


“We don’t want this kind of behavior on Facebook — and we’re investing heavily in both people and technology to keep bad content off our services.”



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