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Facebook Maximizes Advertisers’ Experience By Adding “Create to Convert”

Facebook announced on its official blog that its Creative Shop team rolled out a new process to Facebook ads called “Create to Convert”, which an easy framework to add lightweight motion to still images to create more compelling and effective direct-response ads.

The Facebook’s new “Create to Convert” enables the all brands’ advertisers to convert the still ad image to a creative ad video in an easy method without any extra costs and the workload of regular video creation, which help them exactly to maximize Facebook ad performance.

“Facebook Creative Shop is here to help. We’ve developed some tools that can help improve the quality of your ads on Facebook, allowing you to connect more effectively with your customers – and reach your business objectives. And hopefully reduce your headaches.” Facebook Said.

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Posted by Facebook Business on Monday, August 13, 2018

As explained by Facebook:

“As people spend more and more time on mobile, advertisers have the opportunity to drive both brand building and direct-response results. But creativity is key to capture your audience’s attention and drive action. On mobile, video has proven to be one of the most engaging formats to connect with customers, and now, producing video ads does not have to be expensive or time consuming. In the past year, the number of advertisers using video in direct-response campaigns across our platforms increased 3.8X. In fact, you can easily transform existing still ads into lightweight video ads just by adding motion. “

As a desire for making the best use of “Create to Convert”, Facebook built a list of the various ways the new process can be used:

  1. Basic motion: Animate your still image by adding only one or two elements of motion in a few seconds and include a call-to-action (CTA) card at the end to drive your desired business outcome.
  2. Brand in motion: Bring the elements of your brand or logo to life in a few seconds to promote brand recognition and then add a CTA card at the end to drive action.
  3. Benefit in motion: Bring the key benefit or message of your ad to life through animation in a few seconds. This could be a product benefit, a special offer or discount, a testimonial or product variety. Highlighting the benefit will illuminate the value to your audience and adding a CTA at the end will enable them to easily take the next step toward conversion.
  4. Demo in motion: Focus motion on demonstrating how your app, website, service, product or feature works. Show people how to navigate your offerings and include a CTA at the end to enable them to seamlessly take action right from your ad.

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Posted by Facebook Business on Monday, August 13, 2018

In the announcement, Facebook also showcases the importance and the effect of the new “Create to Convert” on the brands’ conversions in numbers. It reported that they built 49 studies with brands using these production methods and saw a positive outcome for 69% of the brands. It also listed the examples. which provide these results, such as:

  • Shopback used the Create to Convert method and saw a 5.5X better conversion rate and a 5.7X lower cost per registration from its video ads compared to using still ads alone.
  • Brands using both still ads and video ads saw a 17% higher rate of conversions compared to brands using only still ads.

Despite the Facebook new “Create to Convert” is considered to be a great shift in the creations of Facebook ads, it is not available as a self-serve ad tool just yet. There’s no explanation of the process, which means the advertisers need to get in touch with Facebook’s Creative Shop team to work out an individual approach for their content.

It should also be referred to that Facebook’s Creative Shop is a group of ad experts which The Social Network has been expanding over the last two years, now includes more than 250 creative strategists across 40 Facebook offices around the world.



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