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Facebook Partners with YouTube to Boost Its Portal Device’s Sales

Loss of one round in battle does not mean losing the entire battle. This is the principle that Facebook has taken in its latest move to the top. This week, Facebook made a new partnership with Google’s Video App “YouTube”, in order to boost the sales of the new Smart Speaker device, as well as raising the device’s capabilities for all users worldwide.

Accordingly, YouTube will be available for all Portal owners as a part of the device’s apps, which include Facebook Watch, Food Network, Spotify, portal Tips, Newsy, and iHeartRadio, so users will be able to play videos from the most popular video app “YouTube”, alongside Facebook Watch and Facebook-approved partners Food Network and Newsy.

Facebook Partners with YouTube to Boost Its Portal Device's Sales 1 | Digital Marketing Community

First off, in September, it was reported that Facebook is planning to make its first foray into selling its own consumer hardware outside of Oculus, as it is working on launching the first device to come out of Facebook’s skunkworks hardware lab, which is called Building 8. It is called the ‘Portal‘, a new intelligent device that allows users to use smart hands-free video call to speak with their family, friends and peers in their homes like they are in the same room.

Portal from Facebook

Posted by Facebook on Friday, October 5, 2018

Then, earlier last month, they officially announced the launch of Portal and Portal+, two new video calling devices for the home, which are built on AI technology, in order to make video calling easier and more like hanging out.

In providing Portal’s capabilities, it was also reported that Facebook is working on making a new deal with Google to benefit from its Google Assistant service that powered smart displays from JBL and Lenovo, and the Amazon Echo, in order to bring the Smart Speaker Device Portal to closer parity with Google’s Home Hub screen.

Facebook’s VP of Portal, Rafa Camargo, confirmed to TechCrunch in an interview that Facebook already took to Google and made deals with them to enhance the future of these home devices.

He also added, “As where you will have multiple assistants and you will use them for whatever they do best . . . We’d like to expand and integrate with them.” Now a Facebook spokesperson tells me that they “Don’t have an update on Google Assistant today but we’re working on adding new experiences to Portal.”


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