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Facebook Q3 Earnings Report Shows A growth in Both Users and Revenue

Facebook has published its latest earnings report of 2018 “Q3 2018 earnings report”, that shows how recent efforts have been remarkably successful with a great growth in both users and revenue.

According to the Facebook Q3 2018 earnings report, the company’s daily active users’ number has increased by 24 million, which means that the total number of Facebook daily active users raised to 1.495 billion people who are logging to the platform every day.

Despite this growth in daily active users is considered to be a good achievement for the company but there is one disappointing result that European DAU numbers dropped for the second consecutive quarter, while North American usage remained flat. And it should be noted that European and North American are considered to be the Facebook’s main markets, where it can generate the vast majority of its income. Otherwise, the report shows that Facebook also managed to achieve expanded growth in other regions, however, the decline in usage in the core markets.

Facebook Q3 2018 results - Daily Active Users

It’s normal that this growth in Facebook Daily Active Users was reflected significantly on the company’s revenue by user which raised to $ 13.727, as shown in the below graph.

Facebook Q3 report - Revenue by region

Coming to the company monthly active users (MAUs), Facebook confirmed on its Q3 earnings report that the growth in Facebook daily active users also reflects on its monthly active users, which increased to 2.27 billion overall.

Facebook Q3 results - Monthly Active Users

On the revenue front, Facebook Q3 earnings report shows that the company generated the 13.73b for the quarter, compared to market estimates of $13.78b. This is considered to be a small trend that only down (slightly) on market estimates. And it mentions that Facebook is generating more revenue per user in most regions – so even if you were to take the slowdown in overall usage in Europe and North America into account, much of that would be offset, in a revenue sense, by Facebook finding ways to generate more income from its audience.

Facebook Q3 results - revenue

The Facebook company also confirmed on the report that it walks on the right way, as more than 2 billion people now use at least one Facebook-owned platforms every day which includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. It also pointed out that mobile advertising revenue “represented approximately 92% of advertising revenue for the third quarter of 2018, up from approximately 88% of advertising revenue in the third quarter of 2017”.

Finally, we can say that this results that are shown in the Facebook company Q3 earnings report suggest a better future for the company_ including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger_ than previous results.

Find the complete results and numbers of the Facebook company earnings report here.



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