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Facebook Releases Candidate Info, A New Way for Politicians to Talk with Their Constituency on Camera

Facebook’s efforts in the field of elections, especially in the USA, do not stop, especially after the company was heavily involved in political promotion through its various platforms. One of those efforts is that today, Facebook rolls out Candidate Info, a new option that introduces thousands of direct-to-camera vertical videos, in order to enable federal, state and local candidates to introduce themselves and explain their top policy priorities, qualifications, and biggest objectives if they win office. Facebook Candidate Info also enables all politicians to talk straight with their constituency.

As confirmed by TechCrunch, the Facebook Candidate Info’s videos will soon be available as part of an Election 2018 bookmark in the Facebook mobile app’s navigation drawer. Moreover, starting next week, these videos will appear to potential constituents in the News Feed. TechCrunch also mentions in its report that Elizabeth Warren (D – MA Senate), Scott Walker (R – WI Governor) and Beto O’Rourke (D – TX Senate) have already posted, and Facebook expects more candidates to jump in shortly. Facebook Releases Candidate Info, A New Way for Politicians to Talk with Their Constituency on Camera 1 | Digital Marketing Community

This Facebook new launch is considered to be an extensive effort, as in 2017, Facebook rolled out the Town Hall option, that was essentially built to provide Facebook users with a personalized directory of candidates they could vote for. But, the difference here is that Facebook Candidate Info will dramatically only show videos from politicians running in elections relevant to a given user, so if you’re in California you won’t see videos from the Texas senate race between O’Rourke and Ted Cruz. But you can still find their videos on their Facebook Pages, as confirmed by TechCrunch. As explained by Facebook, “these videos will make it easier for people to learn about and compare different candidates.”

Facebook Releases Candidate Info, A New Way for Politicians to Talk with Their Constituency on Camera 2 | Digital Marketing Community

On the elections front, Facebook is set on preventing misuse and increasing transparency; last month, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Pilot Program, which is an addition to the Facebook existing security tools and procedures. According to the Facebook Pilot Program, users associated with US political campaigns ahead of the 2018 midterm elections will have many protection methods and abilities. In addition, Candidates for federal or statewide office, as well as staff members and representatives from federal and state political party committees, can add additional security protection to their Pages and accounts. This month Facebook announced they are broadening their policies against voter suppression, which are used to prevent people from voting. According to these new updates, the Facebook team will able to identify new types of abuse that exist online.

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