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Facebook Rolls Out Multiplayer Video Chat AR Games on Messenger

Recently, Facebook has been saving no effort to make connections between users around the world an easier and more enjoyable experience, especially when it comes to Messenger.

Hence, a few days ago, Facebook announced that they’re adding a new interesting update to the video chat on Messenger. Video chat AR (Augmented Reality) games are now available on Messenger, which is considered to be a great shift in the AR industry across all social media platforms.

According to the new video chat AR games, Facebook users are now able to connect, play, and compete with their friends in multiplayer AR games, with up to six people at a time.

As said by Facebook:

“For the moments when we can’t be together IRL, Messenger video chat helps you connect in real-time with the people you care about most. Chatting face-to-face live makes all the difference when you have exciting news to share, you need a study buddy for a big test, or you simply want to pass the time together.”


Facebook says that currently they support only two games, as a start. These two games are:

  1. “Don’t Smile” – A challenge between friends to see who can hold a serious face the longest.
  2. “Asteroids Attack”- Friends compete within the video chat to see who can better navigate their spaceship.

Facebook also points out their intention to launch more games using the new video chat AR in the upcoming weeks and months, such as “Beach Bump” and “Kitten Kraze”, that’s a matching cat game.

How to enjoy the new video chat AR games?!

  • The Chatter should have the latest version of Messenger.
  • After making sure of that, the chatter should Open an existing conversation or find the person or group of people he would like to chat with.
  • Then he should tap the video icon on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then simply tap the start button and select one of the AR games.
  • The person or group he is video chatting with will get a notification indicating it’s time to get your game on.

“We hope this new experience – made possible by AR Studio – will help you create fun memories with the people you care about most, even when you can’t be together.”

It should be noted that Facebook has been working on adding more innovative options to the video chat feature, after identifying the importance of face – to – face connections between Messenger users, which had doubled within the last year, as reported by Facebook: “People continue to discover video chat in Messenger, with over 17 billion video chats last year, twice as many as the year before.”

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