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Facebook Stories Now Enable Users to Add Links

Recently, Stories become a much bigger focus for Facebook, as well as Facebook Stories haven’t taken off the way Instagram Stories have, that’s why Facebook is trying to empower and enhance its stories features.

In this way, a few hours ago, it was explored that Facebook is testing a new feature to add links to the stories features, in order to raise the Facebook Stories daily use, which currently only has around 150 million daily active users (by comparison to 400 million daily actives for Instagram Stories). This new features enable users to add links to their stories on Facebook, which is considered to be a significant option for all types of the Facebook users.

A screenshot of a link in a Facebook Story


It should be referred that the announcement of this new launch published by a French user Valentin Blanchot and shared by social media advisor Matt Navarra on his official Twitter account.



Add links to the Facebook stories will raise the traffic that leads to achieving more conversions, so more Pages and publishers will be able to share direct links, and drive traffic via Stories, it would raise their organic growth indeed.

On the other side, it should be pointed out that Facebook is working on different fields at the same time, in order to provide a safe, enjoyable, and effective platform for all the Facebook users around the world. Facebook not only develops new features, updates, changes, and options to create an entertainment platform, but also they lead strong campaigns globally to prevent abuse content and the spread of hate across its platform, such as removing over than 5,000 targeting options to prevent discriminatory advertising, Removing 652 Pages, Groups and Accounts which originated in Iran and Russia- for coordinated inauthentic behavior on Facebook and Instagram, Banning myPersonality App, and banning Myanmar Military Officials And Almost 100 Pages And Accounts There.


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