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Facebook Updates Terms of Service, Adding More Protection to Users’ Data

Facebook announced that they have updated their Terms of Service and data policies, in order to insure a more data secure user experience. There were previous updates issued by Facebook, such as April 4thApril 24th and the 18th of May updates.

“In late March, we promised to take a hard look at the information apps can use when you connect them to Facebook”

According to the Last updates, which were announced on July 2nd 2018, these will be the changes taking place:


Graph API Explorer App

Developers can run test queries using Facebook’s Graph API Explorer Appwhich is a tool that allows developers to construct and perform Graph API queries and see their responses, for any apps on which they have an admin, developer, or tester role.

Facebook also refers to that, on 2 July, the app will be deprecated and developers will then need to use their own apps’ access tokens to do test queries on the Graph API Explorer.

Profile Expression Kit

 Profile Expression Kit is one of those new updates on Facebook’s platform, which is a tool enabling people to use the developers’ app to create profile pictures and videos. In just a few taps, people can add their profile picture or video directly to Facebook.

In addition, the app will be attributed to News Feed every time someone uploads a picture or video.

This tool will be deprecated on October 1 due to low adoption, as said by Facebook.

Media Solutions

Facebook is introducing also Media Solutions, that is a family of APIs, which enables developers to build tools for Facebook’s media partners.

These tools focus on interactive experiences such as polling and voting around TV broadcasts.

In the context, it should be referred to that  APIs will be limited to page content and public posts on certain verified profiles.

Cause of low usage, Facebook deprecated the Trending API and Signal tool for journalists along with the Trending Topics product as well as Hashtag Voting for interactive TV experiences, in addition, they plan to deprecate Topic Search, Topic Insights and Topic Feed and Public Figure APIs, on 1 August.

Pages API

Pages API is a tool enables developers to search for Facebook Pages.

According to this tool. developers will able to find similar pages easily, to @mention other Pages in Facebook comments or posts, and tag a Page in a Facebook ad for co-branding purposes.

Marketing API

Marketing API is a tool which enables businesses to automate and scale their advertising on Facebook, – including the creation of ads and the management of campaigns.

Facebook adds to this tool an review app, which help developers to review their advertising before can use this API and simplify it from three tiers to a new, two-tier structure.

In addition to that, Facebook introduces new app review permissions for the Lead Ads Retrieval and Live video APIs. Live video APIs is a tool, which allows the developers’ apps to post live videos and VOD to Pages, Groups, and User timelines.


Finally, as commented by Ime Archibong, VP Product Partnerships at Facebook:

“These changes will continue to enable developers to create social experiences, while protecting people’s information.”



Recently, Facebook has been introducing various updates, tools, features, and apps to its users, partners, advertisers, marketers, developers, and publishers for their convenience. To identify those Facebook’s updates click here.

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