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Facebook Watch Is Now Available Globally

It should be admitted that Facebook is working on different issues at the same time, in order to provide a safe, enjoyable, and effective platform for all the Facebook users around the world. It’s not only developing new features, updates, changes, and options to create an entertainment platform but also they’re leading strong campaigns globally to prevent abuse content and the spread of hate across its platform.

One of the Facebook efforts to provide an enjoyable platform for all its users globally is the launch of “Facebook watch”, a place on Facebook that enables users to find shows and video creators they love and to start conversations with friends, other fans, and even creators themselves.

Last year, Facebook announced for the first time the launch of “Facebook Watch” in the US for American users only, then Facebook made several attempts to develop its new feature and make it more social, Over the past year. Those attempts were:

  • Enabling the Facebook users to see which videos their friends have liked or shared.
  • Enabling the Facebook users to participate in the shows created by Facebook.
  • Opening Watch to videos from Pages.
  • In June, Facebook also expanded “Facebook Watch” to more creators alongside the approved Watch partners, as well as added monetization options to lure YouTubers and other creators.
  • Help users discover and engage more deeply with videos they love, in an easier way.

As a result, Facebook points to the success of the “Facebook Watch” and the latest updates added to it, as more than 50 million people in the US come to watch videos for at least a minute in Watch, every month. In addition, the total time spent watching videos in Watch has increased by 14X since the start of 2018.

Facebook Watch Is Going Global

Posted by Facebook on Monday, August 27, 2018

As a desire to continue the great success of “Facebook Watch”, two days ago, Facebook announced on its official blog that they’re making Facebook Watch available everywhere for all Facebook users globally.

Facebook Watch is providing several valuable, effective, and enjoyable features to all the users around the world and these are some of its advantages, as reported by Facebook:

  • personalized Watch feed, a place where Facebook users can Find the latest videos spanning entertainment, sports, news and more.
  • Watchlist, a tool at the top of users’ Watch feed, that provides them with a collection of recent videos from Pages they follow.
  • saved List, a feature in which users can save videos to watch later if they don’t have time to watch it right away.
  • Videos built on the audience’s participation, an ability that lets Facebook users participate in shaping the direction of the content.
  • Monetization, Facebook Watch also provides new opportunities for creators and publishers around the world by expanding the Facebook Ad Breaks program, in order to help more partners make money from their videos.

As explained by Facebook:

“To access Watch on iOS and Android, look for the Watch icon in your shortcuts bar or the “More” bookmark. You can also find Watch on Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox One, and Oculus TV.”


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