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Facebook’s Launching Additional Ad Tools During This Holiday Season

It is clear that advertisers are considered to be a very important user base for all social media platforms, that’s why social apps always try to enhance the advertisers’ ad experience.

Hence, a few days ago Facebook announced on its official business blog that they are rolling out some new ad tools and options, in order to help advertisers, brands, businesses, and products to raise their online conversions during this Holidays season, as a part of Facebook’s ongoing work to provide new ways, which help businesses visually merchandise their products. As reported by Facebook, Last year, Facebook found that there were more than 450 million views of Black Friday and other related videos over the Thanksgiving shopping weekend only on the Facebook platform, so they are working on new creative enhancements to their ad services, in order to enable businesses and brands to make their products shine this holiday season. These additional enhancements include:

  • Some new additions to the Facebook overlays

Overlays are considered to be one of the Facebook creative tools for dynamic ads, which were launched last year to enable advertisers, businesses, and brands automatically add price and discount tags on creative assets for product ads. Now, Facebook raises the overlays’ options, which give all advertisers around the world the ability to build customizable creative templates for their dynamic ads to showcase products in more compelling ways. This expansion proves a great success, as two major retailers that tested the new decorative borders increased their return on ad spend by 40% each.

As explained by Facebook:

“For example, if a retailer wants to create a Black Friday campaign with a product catalog, they can now create their own Black Friday overlay to more visually promote discounted products.”

Facebook also points out that overlays for dynamic ads can be used not only in this upcoming holiday but in every holiday. In addition, throughout the year and in non-seasonal campaigns as well.

Using overlays on Facebook Ads

  • New holiday templates in the video creation kit 

One month ago, Facebook announced the launch of “The Video Creation Kit”. of Facebook’s new tools and options, that makes advertisers able to convert still image and text assets into mobile-optimized video Ads framed in 1:1 for feed environments or 9:16 for stories on Facebook and Instagram. It has four templates, that exist in Ads Manager within the single video and slideshow formats and can be reached under Publishing Tools on the advertisers’ brand Facebook page.

Now, Facebook points out its plane to roll out new holiday-specific templates and stickers to the video creation kit, in order to enable businesses, brands, and advertisers to create video ads that showcase their products with holiday-specific visuals in an easy and effective way, in the upcoming weeks,

An example of a holiday-themed option in Facebook's Video Creation Kit

  • New updates to collection ads 

Last year, Facebook rolled out the collection ads, in order to enable advertisers to visually inspire mobile shoppers. Now, they are announcing two updates to make collection ads more immersive and personalized. As explained by Facebook, these new two features will be:

  1. updated instant storefront template, formerly known as the sell product template in Canvas, where they will have the option to automatically organize products from their catalog into more personalized groupings like “Suggested for You” and “Most Viewed” to boost engagement and conversions. Early testers of the new instant storefront template have seen increases in their conversion rate as high as 9%.
  2.  Instead of having to upload their own videos into a collection, advertisers using the instant storefront template can now add a video that Facebook will automatically generate, personalized with relevant products from their business’ catalog. This makes the video creation process easier for advertisers and will help people see ads that are most relevant to them.
 An example of the Facebook Collections Ad video creation process




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