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Facebook Makes Ad Placements More Manageable

Facebook took a great step in expanding the advertisers’ experience on the Facebook platform by providing them with more effective controls, which enable them to manage their advertising campaigns across the App.

Accordingly, Facebook announced on its official business blog that they are rolling out additional options and updates to the advertising process across Facebook in-stream videos, Instant Articles and Audience Network, in order to help advertisers to have more options and controls, which enables them to manage their ads’ appearance on the Facebook platform.

It is clear that these efforts are not Facebook’s only steps in enhancing the advertisers’ experience in effectively controlling their ad placements; Within the past few years, Facebook has launched new ad placements, which involved Instant Articles and in-stream video (which include ads in Watch). These placements were linked to a specific piece of content, that’s why Facebook has done its best to create controls for advertisers, which lets them control where their ads appear. Additionally, these launched controls include a variety of options, which provides all advertisers with several choices to achieve better control, such as:

  1.  Block lists, one of Facebook’s controls, by which advertisers can prevent their ads from running on specific websites and apps within the Audience Network, eligible videos of Pages included in the Facebook in-stream placement and specific publishers for the Instant Articles placement. Block lists can be added through Business Manager and advertisers can put their block lists when they edit placements while creating a campaign.
  2. Exclude brand-sensitive content categories, an option that helps advertisers to block their ads from running next to certain types of content across Facebook in-stream videos, Instant Articles, and Audience Network by selecting the Exclude Categories option below the Edit Placements section of their ad set.
  3. Monetization Eligibility Standards, one of Facebook’s services that’s considered to be a standards and policies guide for all publishers and creators whose content is eligible for ads.


Now, Facebook adds additional features to join the previous controls, which are:

Publisher lists: Facebook expanded its publisher-level transparency -publisher lists- (never use underscores) to include Instant Articles and Facebook in-stream videos not only on Audience Network, in order to inform all advertisers with a list of where their ads might be delivered prior to starting a campaign. Facebook also explained that; “As new publishers are added, advertisers can review and update their block lists as needed.”

Publisher delivery reports: According to this additional control, advertisers have the ability to download the Facebook in-stream, Instant Articles and Audience Network publisher delivery reports, which enables them to review a complete list of the publisher sites and apps where their ads appeared. Additionally, this Facebook’s report will help advertisers to identify where their ads ran across the Facebook contextual placements, decide whether those publishers align with their brand safety expectations, and then update their block lists with publishers or content categories they do not want their ads delivered to in the future.

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