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Google Analytics Introduces a New Video Series of Data

Google Analytics announced that the Google Analytics team has introduced a new video series on YouTube “Measure Matters”. Google Analytics’ Measure Matters is a new video series that covers best practices in leveraging Google’s suite of products, rounds up highlights from the larger measurement community, and reviews recent product updates. It helps businesses owners to never miss a thing, even with their busy schedule.

Measure Matters is hosted by Analytics advocates Krista Seiden and Louis Gray for the data analyst, marketer, or e-commerce specialist. The first episode of Measure Matters series was launched in May, which talked about automatic insights within Google Analytics, and whether the machines were coming for our jobs.

Their second episode talked about finding your North Star, being sure to try new approaches and take risks but to make choices based on data, rather than hacking your way through without a clear plan. While the third episode covered how app developers can literally change the game through mobile app analytics, leveraging Google Analytics for Firebase.


To follow the series, Measure Matters is scheduled to stream live every two weeks, with most events taking place at 10 a.m. Pacific time on Wednesday. Google Analytics also announced about its upcoming episode of the series that will air 27th of June 2018 with the topic of Hearts, Charts and Shopping Carts — how you can evolve your marketing measurement with data.

Measure Matters series gives its audience the chance to chat with Krista and Louis, asking them questions and sending them content ideas for future episodes via YouTube or on Twitter.

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