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Google Analytics Launches Cross Device Reports


Google Analytics makes it an easier mission for marketers and advertisers to control the journey that their customers take across their devices reaching to purchase.

On last Wednesday, Google Analytics announced that they launched new Cross-Device features to its services, which enable marketers and advertisers to understand consumer behavior across their various devices in browsing products’ websites.

Google Analytics Launches Cross Device Reports 1 | Digital Marketing Community

The Cross-Device is an Analytical report, that showcases people who visit your website multiple times from different devices, in addition to their actions on the website.

“Today, we’re introducing new Cross Device features to Google Analytics. Analytics will now help you understand the journey your customers are taking across their devices as they interact with your website, giving you a complete view of the impact of your marketing so you can run smarter campaigns that deliver more tailored experiences to your customers.”

According to Google Analytics’ new cross-device features: brands, marketers, and advertisers will be able to build more accurate marketing campaigns and create better customer experience. In the same context, Google Analytics also announced their intention to roll out other Cross-Device reports like Device Overlap, Device Paths and Channels, after launching device tracking.

How to access cross-device features?

As explained by Google Analytics, only people who have a User ID can access Cross-Device reports. If you have a User ID, you can access to the new feature by following these steps:

If you don’t see this setting, you will soon. Google promises to roll it out to all Analytics accounts over the coming weeks.

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